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Guest Post and Giveaway: Keeping the Romance Alive In Writing by Naomi Bloom, Author of To Entice an Earl

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Today, I'm hosting a promo on Naomi Boom's latest historical romance release, To Entice an Earl (Entangled Nobility #3), as a part of the ongoing VBT. Hope you enjoy the guest post and excerpt accompanying this post.

Naomi Boom will be awarding a $10 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.
Keeping the Romance Alive – In Writing

They say when a couple has kids, romance in a relationship fizzles.  I’m no relationship expert, so I cannot give tips on that particular subject, but I will explain how I keep the romance alive in my novels. Despite kids.

1.    Write when children are not present. I usually wait for night when everyone else sleeps. That way, I don’t get distracted by the inevitable dirty diaper. Sometimes I go to coffee shops or to my writing room, which is a tiny storage closet with a rocking chair wedged in the corner. The door even has a lock on it, so if I manage to sneak in without my child hearing me, I get some quiet writing time. 

2.    Plot what to write during the day. While doing dishes, cooking, cleaning, the possibilities are endless. But I like to plan out what I will write so I don’t waste time when I work.

3.    Watch/listen to romantic stuff. Listen to music, read books, watch tv. All romantic in nature, of course. And then there’s one of my go-to sources of heart-tugging good fun: The Hallmark Channel. This channel provides plenty of romantic movies which are also child-friendly. So, while those movies are great for making me feel inspired, I can also watch one right before bedtime. Then, I write.

4.    Beverages. Cannot seem to stay awake? Caffeine. Can’t seem to focus? Alcohol. Can’t seem to stay awake and can’t focus? Rum and coke. Or really, any variation of caffeine and alcohol. This seems pretty straight-forward, until I over imbibe in spirits and wake up to find a kissing scene in the first chapter which really did not belong there. Luckily, this has only happened a couple of times because I try to monitor myself.

5.    And the final step – romance in real life. I try to write every night, but sometimes I have to put off writing to spend time with my husband. This usually involves watching Law and Order or some other crime drama. Now, this step is crucial to my process because I cease all other steps and relax. This leaves me longing to write and in a healthy state of mind because I don’t stress over my marriage.

Writing romance is hard, enjoyable work. Overall, my process seems to work although I wouldn’t mind a bit more sleep. But sleep deprivation and children seem to go hand-in-hand so I think I’m doing pretty well.
To Entice an Earl
Naomi Boom
(Entangled Nobility #3)
Published: January 22, 2018 by Wild Rose Press
Miss Alexandra Farris lost her heart to her older brother's friend, Lord Maxon Collins, long, long ago. Despite her girlhood attempts to win him, he never noticed her. Now that her first season is underway, she understands why. He prefers willowy blondes, not curvaceous maidens with darker coloring like herself. Rather than wallow in self-pity, she forgets love and focuses on something more attainable—an advantageous match.

Lord Collins is plagued by an uncomfortable feeling whenever he goes near Miss Farris. One of annoyance. And yet, he can’t seem to stop thinking of her, touching her, kissing her...He must act in her brother’s stead, which means he has to approve her suitor and ensure her safety. Unfortunately, he can’t seem to find a worthy gentleman.

Wedding her off should be a simple task, but not if he can’t let her go.

Buy Links:
Amazon | B&N | Wild Rose Press
An Excerpt from To Entice an Earl:

“I have too given you compliments.”

“Really?” She exhaled. “Name one.”

He contemplated the matter for a moment and then said, “I told you your hair was prettier in disarray.”

She had forgotten that. “So you said one thing. Congratulations.”

“Thank you.” He swept an exaggerated bow and smirked up at her.

“That is not something to be proud of. Why, it’s not even that monumental a compliment.”

He straightened, and a light flared in his eyes. There had always been an easy mood between them, but he had never looked at her in such a way before. It was almost, well, sinful.

“Allow me to remedy my error, then.” He caught her hand in his, and gazed deep into her eyes. “Your eyes remind me of a summer storm.” Her gaze faltered from his, but he continued. “Your skin is as smooth as fine porcelain, and your hair is made of the most enticing curls I have ever seen. I can imagine your freed hair would make a man lose his senses. And lastly, you have deliciously kissable lips.”

She swallowed. His ridiculous, probably oft-used lines had the most amazing effect on her. Her knees had grown weak, and her mind was slow to focus. “I-I d-don’t think…” Her voice trailed off as he chuckled.

“With that said, you also possess a tremendous ability to irritate me beyond comprehension.”
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About the Author:

Naomi Boom never expected to love writing. Her inspiration struck while searching for the perfect historical romance novel to read. Nothing sounded appealing, so she decided to write her own. That one novel has morphed into a series, and hopefully many, many more.

She resides in her home state of South Dakota with her husband and toddler. Her dream is to someday find an acreage where she can raise chickens and, naturally, continue her writing.

Author Links:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads
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