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Release Blitz: Jeepers Creepers by Nikki Landis

Friday, March 29, 2024

I'm hosting a promo, today, on Nikki Landis' latest release, Jeepers Creepers (Royal Bastards MC: Las Vegas, NV #3) , as a part of the ongoing release blitz tour. Check it out! Note that Jeepers Creepers is free in kindle unlimited!!
Jeepers Creepers
Nikki Landis
(Royal Bastards MC: Las Vegas, NV #3)
Published: March 29, 2024

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Balen “Creature” Hobbs doesn’t call anywhere home.
He’s been a nomad since the day he finished active duty.
Fate has other plans when he bumps into a girl beaten outside a local bar.
Being a good Samaritan didn’t cross his mind—only justice.
Getting involved pulls him into a dark world where the strong prey on the weak.
Riding with the Royal Bastards MC offers him a chance he can’t refuse.
When he stops a cutthroat criminal from hurting more innocents, everything seems to fall into place.
Creature has finally found a place where he belongs, and his unique talents are appreciated.
Meeting Blair Connelly and falling in love is almost too good to be true.
For the first time since the war ended, he feels peace.
But when a familiar enemy threatens the club, he doesn’t hesitate to protect the RBMC.
Even if it means he has to risk everything to ensure justice is served.
A Shadow Rider and a scarred veteran are the only chance Blair has to survive.
It’s not a choice of his club or his woman. He’s saving both.
Creature is ridin’ full throttle and ready for war.
A twist on the classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Jeepers Creepers is part of the Royal Bastards MC world and includes steamy scenes, biker slang, kidnapping, violence, revenge, dark content, and a slight paranormal twist. This is a wicked tale featuring a possessive, protective, scarred outlaw who falls first and a feisty young woman determined to right the wrongs of the past. For best enjoyment, the series should be read in order. However, Hell on Wheels must be read before Jeepers Creepers.

Blurb Blitz and Giveaway: Helluland by C.R. Lindström

Thursday, March 28, 2024

I'm hosting a promo, today, on C.R. Lindström's debut release, Helluland, as a part of the ongoing blurb blitz tour. In the following post, also find an excerpt from the featured book.
C.R. Lindström will award a $25 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner.

C.R. Lindström
Published: September 7, 2023


In a remote corner of the Arctic, unexplained phenomenon haunt an isolated community. Several people have disappeared, and somehow young Erika Holstrom knows why. Still reeling from the loss of her mother, she escapes to university, only to be followed by unsettling visions of the future.

When a Russian submarine vanishes in the far North, Erika's nightmares suggest the answers lay buried deep in her family history. Now, just as the melting polar ice releases its sinister secrets, Erika and her friends are in a race against time to convince the sceptical authorities what is really happening in her Arctic homeland, before it’s too late.

Will they succeed, or is the frozen North lost forever...
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Release Blitz: Land of Ashes by Stacey Marie Brown

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Today, I'm hosting a promo on Stacey Marie Brown's latest release, Land of Ashes (Savage Lands #7), as a part of the ongoing release blitz tour. Check it out!

Land of Ashes
Stacey Marie Brown
(Savage Lands #7)
Published: March 27, 2024
Cover Designer: Jay Aheer, Simply Defined Art

When there is nothing remaining in your soul, there is nothing left that can be taken away.
Ash has always been the rock, the one everyone turns to. That was before devastation took everything from him, leaving his soul dead on the ground, along with his heart.
Not able to face his sorrow, he drowns himself in alcohol, sex, and drugs. Turning away from everyone who loves him, he sinks further into the darkness, where he feels nothing.
The only thing important to him is seeking revenge.
Tracking down those who destroyed his life and killing them.
One night, saving a girl from an attempted kidnapping, Ash’s world changes. Entwining their lives on a dangerous journey across the lands of Romania, where political unrest tears at the country and hides terrifying discoveries.
Scarlet should have been a blip on his radar, a girl he helped and forgot. Except her secrets tie their fates together.
Where the danger might be closer than he thinks.
And the darkness comes from within.
"Omg!!! I devoured this book! I felt so sucked in the same way I did when I first started the Savage Land series. Ash’s story is such a fun one to explore after the way the OG Savage Land books ended. The amount of adventure, character development, and tension was everything!!" ~Bri, Goodreads
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Amazon US | books2read

Release Blitz: Free-Fire Zone by Giulia Lagomarsino

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

I'm hosting, today, a promo on Giulia Lagomarsino's latest release, Free-Fire Zone (Owens Protective Services #17), as a part of the ongoing release blitz tour. Also find a long excerpt from the featured book. Note that Free-Fire Zone is free in kindle unlimited!!
Free-Fire Zone
Giulia Lagomarsino
(Owens Protective Services #17)
Published: February 26, 2024
Cover Design: T.E. Black Designs
Photographer: Reggie Deanching

She’s amazing.
I know that sounds cliche, but it’s one hundred percent true.
She’s so funny and smart and beautiful and…amazing.
I have it so bad for her, and I thought for a moment she liked me too.
Then I realized what I thought was a sign of her liking me was actually a sign she was sliding me into the dreaded friend zone.
I fu@king hate the friend zone.
I was so close to winning her over, and then that roughneck came along, pushing me even further into the zone.
Just like a mechanic, he has qualities I could never possess—like working with a wrench. I could hold a wrench for a photograph and no woman would drool over me.
Alas, that’s the life of a protection agent. Sure, I have rippling muscles and can kill a guy with my bare hands, but I could never compete with this illusion women have about greasy men.
And to make matters worse, I said she could stay with me.
That’s right. I am officially the stupidest man ever.
I’ve doomed myself to a life of fantasies that will never be fulfilled, all because I can’t stop picturing that beautiful, thick hair cascading over her shoulders like a waterfall.
Like I said…
I have it bad, and there’s no way out for me.
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