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Taking the Fall: Vol. 2 by Alexa Riley

Monday, April 27, 2015

Taking the Fall: Vol. 2 (novella)

Alexa Riley
Contemporary Romance/Erotica
Published in 2015

H/h - Carter/Layla
Setting: Present time.

Read in April, 2015.
My rating:

                                                   [spoiler alert]

Just finished Taking the Fall: Vol. 2 by Alexa Riley. Have to say, I’m loving it so far, though Carter can go a little less Caveman-ish. Don’t get me wrong, I still think he’s H-O-T and I know he loves Layla despite everything, so that should be more than enough for me. Oh well, guess I shouldn’t be complaining as I had been warned in the blurb. :p

Layla’s infamous father hired Carter as her bodyguard when she was 16. They’ve been attracted to each-other ever since, though Carter is quite a bit (10 yrs. if I remember correctly) older than her. He wanted her but knew she’s too young to take this to the next level. Knowing that she feels the same didn’t work, but Carter was biding his time to make her his. One night changes it all. Something happens and throws Carter in jail 8 yrs. for manslaughter. The details of that night would escape Layla completely but no one told her exactly what happened. Not even Carter. When she finally escapes her a$$hole of a sire, 4 yrs. into Carter’s jail time, Layla goes to see him in hopes that he still feels the same about ‘them’. Unfortunately, she returns brokenhearted, as Carter acts as if he didn’t care any longer.

4 more yrs. later Layla is in hiding and trying to move forward with her life, though Carter is never far from her mind. She thought he’s a part of her past now, yet it’s not working with her current boyfriend since he doesn’t burn her body and soul like Carter’s kisses used to. She knows she’s completely owned by Carter and that’s the sad part. That he doesn’t want her anymore. What Layla didn’t know that Carter still lives and breathes just for her. And he’s still keeping tabs on her thru his buddy, Saint.

When, then, he so suddenly returns into Layla’s life, she’s overwhelmed by his presence. But she welcomes it with all that she had. Carter proves to her for one whole night just how much he’d missed her, and the fact that he hasn’t touched a single woman ever since he’d clapped his eyes on her. By that I mean since he first saw her. *sigh* He knew Layla owned his soul completely, even if she had no idea of her powers over him. Now is the time for him to claim what he’d always considered his. Finding Layla a virgin (I didn’t take any issue with it TBH, she’d always wanted Carter) only made it all sweeter.

When, the next morning, Layla wakes up alone, finding Carter has left her once again, she’s hurt, sad and then, angry as hell. I can’t blame Layla as Carter didn’t give her any clue to what he’s up to. Layla opens up to her BFF Jeannette, who has already entangled herself with Saint, not knowing he’s Carter’s man. It was apparent that the wild girl had also fallen for Saint, yet she doesn’t hesitate to drop him when Layla finds out she’s pregnant and Saint, seeing no other option had to come clean.

Vol. 2 picks up more or less from where Vol. 1 left off. Here, we find more revelations about Layla and Carter’s past and what happened in that fateful night. Also the progress (if you can call it that) of Jeannette and Saint’s relationship.

It starts with Layla trying to deal with her current dilemma. She’s been trying her best to, again, carry on without Carter. But when he learns about her being in hospital for a minor injury from Saint, Carter flips. It becomes doubly so when Saint also confirms her pregnancy. There’s no way now that he’d stay away from her, the rest of the world can go to hell.

It’s been 3 months since Carter’s been away, planning and investigating Layla’s creepy dad, the bane of his existence. In his mind, the man would pay for his sins sooner or later, which we find later not only concerns Layla but also Carter’s own parents. It also explains how and why he ended up in Layla’s father’s gang. But Layla was never Carter’s target. He didn’t even know she existed, but soon discovered just how the man liked to keep her hidden, as if she’s some kinda possession of his. He saw that she was never treated with love and warmth, let alone respect, so all in all, he always wanted to protect his Cherry. Now that she’s his by all accounts, and with their baby on the way, Carter would do everything to see that she’s safe from that cruel man.

But first, he must apologize and make up for leaving her alone for the past 3 months, also for not keeping her updated about his plans. I won’t blame Layla for not putting up a fight, since hers and Carter’s association was like... inevitable and she had every right to be angry. But I didn’t like the way Carter treats Justin, Layla’s ex-boyfriend. He and Layla were still friends, nothing more that. But who’s gonna make Carter understand that? LOL That man can’t stand anyone coming near Layla and he knew Justin from prior information gained thru Saint. TBH, it’s hot once or twice, but I’ll find it annoying if it keeps happening. Layla had to make Carter understand that no one’s ever gonna come between them. Much like him, there has never been anyone for her either.

When Layla puts her foot down, Carter finally has to come clean about everything, giving her an idea of what they’ve been dealing with where her father was concerned and why it’s important that she be under protection 24/7. And for that, she needs to move in with him to another house which is much more protected than her small apartment. A fortress of sort that’s specifically designed for that purpose only.

But then, Layla’s daddy dearest returns and blackmails her into doing something drastic... My only question is, how am I gonna survive ‘till next week for Vol. 3? :/ Damned cliffy! 4 stars.


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