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Remy by Katy Evans

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Real, Raw & Ripped #3

Katy Evans
Contemporary/New Adult (ARC review)
Published: Nov 26, 2013

H/h - Remington "Riptide" Tate/Brooke Dumas-Tate
Setting: Present time.

Read in Dec 2013
My rating:

                                                  [spoiler alert]

Remy by Katy Evans brings somewhat of an unofficial end to Brooke and Remy’s love story. I was so blown away by the first book of Real, Raw & Ripped series, I couldn’t stop reading until I finished Remy with a sigh of relief, and then, becoming nostalgic too.

We all knew that at some point, Remy will have his voice and tell us his side of the story. I was anticipating it ever since I read this little tidbid. I wanted to get inside his little head and read what’s going on. It was satisfying in a way and I enjoyed knowing him. However, for me, the storyline was way too repetitive to appreciate it completely.

If you haven’t read book 1, Real and book 2, Mine, they’re told from the h, Brooke’s POV. But I’d recommend you to not read Remy immediately afterwards as it’s the retelling of those books from Remy, the H’s POV. Not chapter by chapter of course but the major incidents are all there. 

In Real is where we met Remy first. He was portrayed as THE most sought-after underground fighter. Remy is so popular that he has many fans, all crazy for him and everything he does in the ring. Remy loves what he does. He has good-looks, money, fame and women whenever he needs them. However, no one knows or even bothers about the real Remy, the person inside. Everyone is crazy for the ‘Sex God’ but would anyone want him, knowing he battles with BP every single day of his life? That he’s unstable at times and hard to manage? That he was abandoned by his parents because of this, and that his only family is now his two childhood friends Pete and Riley (also his assistants), his coach and nutritionist Diane? That, this Remy inside, actually craves for someone to know him, understand him... love him despite his many faults? Remy thinks no one ever will, until he meets Brooke.

Remy thought he wanted her in his bed, but there were more to it, as we see from their first meeting. The attraction was very electric. They heat it off soon enough, after Brooke is hired by Remy. Brooke has just finished her training as a sports rehab specialist and was looking for a job (something Remy knew and uses to his convenience). She herself is a former athlete whose career was cut short for a bad injury. It was a very depressing time in her life, which is why Brooke decided to train and help out athletes like herself. What she didn’t expect was to have her own sexy athlete to look after! Their relationship was a surge of ups and downs, and there were some points I absolutely hated Brooke but it was also rewarding, just to see the things Remy would do to her in bed or for her out of it.

In Mine, Brooke and Remy’s life is finally complete when Brooke is pregnant with Remy’s baby. They were previously dealing with some bad patches in their relationship, also Remy’s own fight with BP as well as his ringside nemesis, a guy named Scorpion and his goons. Remy does a lot to prove that even though he can be unstable at times, go ‘manic and black’, his feelings where Brooke is concerned remains as strong as it can be. Even when Brooke doubted him, Remy knew just who he exactly wanted as his mate, his partner. So when Brooke has Racer, their son, Remy had already been planning on to propose to her. You also get a lot of drama regarding the Remy’s enmity with Scorpion and how heegains his championship from that a$$hole; the one he lost in book 1 in an attempt to prove that he’d do anything for his girl. Just about anything.

My problem was, I read Remy and Mine back-to-back, so I basically knew what was going to happen. No big surprises there. But when Remy started with scenes from the Present, where we find Brooke and Remy getting ready to get married once again in a bigger ceremony, I instantly got hooked. I especially adored seeing Remy and Racer together. It was totally heart-melting; for Remy because he never thought he’d ever have a baby of his own, for me because... well, duh, it was cute! Sadly, there weren’t enough of Racer-Remy scenes for my liking. It was one of the things that disappointed me a lot. Then I found that this book has more of the ‘Past’ than the ‘Present’. I was more eager to read the Present than the Past, only to realize those are snippets consisting of the incidents of mainly that one day; Brooke and Remy’s wedding. There was nothing else, except that the last chapter is told from Brooke’s POV and her one special gift for Remy.

But... but, anyone who loves Remy (as much as I do) will love reading those memorable scenes from the first two books told from his POV; their first meeting, the first song exchange, the kisses, Remy’s obsession of Brooke, his own thoughts and exactly why he wanted her in his life. Don’t forget to look for those parts with Remy having ‘wet dreams’ because of Brooke. Ooh lala! :p Then you see the darker stuff too, like Remy fighting with BP, depression and the fear of losing Brooke at some point of his life. Those were the best aspects of this story.

I would’ve gladly rated it higher if I had a few more chapters of Brooke and Remy’s life together as a married couple at present, and yes, MORE Racer in the scene! 3.5 stars.

This will probably be my last book of this series as I’m not very keen on the other couples who are getting the last two books. But, who knows what the future holds and I might change my mind later... All I know that I’m definitely going to miss Remy a lot. *sigh*

This ARC was provided to me by Simon and Schuster/Gallery Books via netgalley as a part of Remy VBT 2013, which didn’t influence my review and rating in any way.


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