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Brazen Behaviour by Saskia Walker

Monday, December 31, 2012

Brazen Behaviour (novella)

Saskia Walker
Historical Romance/Erotica
Published in 2009

H/h - Gregory Munroe/Eleanor Argyle
Setting: Victorian era.

Read in Dec, 2012.
My rating:

                                                         [spoiler alert]
Brazen Behaviour by Saskia Walker is a very short story that you can read in about an hour or so if you aren’t a slow reader like me (which I am apparently these days *sigh*). This is mainly about a rebellious woman who wants to defy the conventions of the society but... but, she annoyed the hell outta me.

Well, here is the deal. There isn’t much of a story to talk about here. Eleanor, the heroine thinks she’s one of those ‘independent woman’ who can do whatever she likes and doesn’t need the dictates of a man. Good for her, but my problem was she overdid it throughout the story so many times that I simply wanted to smack her. And her activities only told me that she’s just impulsive and stubborn and would do anything to prove that she’s an ‘independent woman’. Logic can go take a hike!

All these just spell ‘stupid’ IMO.

After her traveler father dies, Eleanor’s aunt and uncle who live in Scotland sends Gregory, their estate manager, to bring her back to Scotland. Eleanor takes umbrage that her uncle sent a man (how dare he!) to escort her (for her safety mind you), when she can travel alone. But the trouble is she’d had a crush on this guy when she saw him for the first time long time ago. Apparently, that attraction went nowhere. She didn’t know that Gregory had the same thing for her, but being the estate manager, he didn’t think his employers would find it interesting that he’s been fantasizing over their niece. Now that Gregory is here, the only thing Eleanor finds interesting about him is the fact that she wants to sleep with him... She doesn’t want his security or concern during the journey, but his d*ck will do. But at first, she begins to plan an escape from Gregory, which proved to be not much of a plan when Gregory finds out her intentions and boards the same train. Then Eleanor decides what the heck, since he’s already here, let’s shag. Apparently, she’s not a shy virgin and she slyly hints at it more than once to Gregory, to prove, yet again, that she’s an ‘independent woman’. Gregory is more than happy to accommodate her wishes.

Ok, the sex scenes were good, SW standard (liked them) but I was still freakin’ annoyed at Eleanor’s activities. I just didn’t like her because most of the times, her thought process where ‘independent women’ and Gregory were concerned was pretty contradictory. Also when she disappears the next morning not telling Gregory that she’s supposed to be seeing a friend of hers in between the journeys... so yah, I was annoyed. The only saving grace was that she gets her folly soon enough and feels guilty, even if a bit. Not that Gregory was that angry and it didn’t take him much to convince her to marry him, when she was so resolved never to marry and stay as the ‘independent woman’.

So much for being an ‘independent woman’!! 3 stars.

“Brazen Behaviour” can also be found in the anthology Brits in Time. 


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