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Unwilling by Kerrigan Byrne

Monday, November 12, 2012

Unwilling (novella)
Highland Historical #2/The MacLauchlans #2

Kerrigan Byrne
Medieval Romance/Fantasy/Paranormal
Published in 2012

H/h - Connor MacLauchlan/Lindsay Ross
Setting: Scotland, 1411.

Read in Nov, 2012.
My rating:

                                                      [spoiler alert]
Ah, yes! Another winner from Kerrigan! Unwilling is the second installment in Highland Historical series with another sexy berserker hero and a spirited heroine. What can I say? Loved it? Well, of course I did! Connor was my dream come true berserker with a name that never fails to make me w... erm, uh, shiver. *heehee*

Connor is the laird of the MacLauchlans, and elder brother to Roderick, hero of Unspoken (book 1). Whereas we find that Roderick is the less serious of the brothers, being the laird and taking responsibilities from a very young again, Connor is the grumpy one. He doesn’t want to get married or find his mate at the moment, but when his beast decides, he has no choice but to bow down. He was supposed to kill the woman but instead his beast had to go and claim her as his mate!

Bloody mess (literally)!!

Lindsay’s father was the former regent of Scotland. After his death, her uncle has become the current regent and now forcing her to marry the dubious Mackay laird for some betrothal contact. Lindsay is a beauty and could’ve married anyone of her choosing but because she has ‘aged’, now she has to do what her uncle is commanding her. It goes without saying that Lindsay doesn’t want to marry this shady guy but she’s helpless. Her journey has, so far, been wretched and it got worse when they neared the Mackay lands. When she was dreading about what’s going to happen next, her carriage is attacked by an unseen force.

Like Roderick, Connor sometimes works as a hired mercenary too. The youngest son of the Mackay clan is worried about what his elder (and evil laird) twin would do now that their father is dead by Roderick’s hands (story in book 1). His brother’s betrothed is supposed to be coming that day, and the younger Mackay wants to stop it. Connor decides to help since the man’s reasoning was sound. A little sight of blood is all it takes to make his beast rear its head. Connor goes into a fury of blood lust to destroy the shady Mackay soldiers who were escorting the carriage. This scene was done really well IMO. But what I indefinitely adored was the scene where Connor’s beast recognizes Lindsay as his mate. That was just... *oooooh shivers*

After this, Connor was no way leaving Lindsay there. In fact, he’s not letting Lindsay go, ever. But Lindsay doesn’t know most of what’s going on in his head. She’s pissed as hell. She doesn’t even believe in berserkers for crying out loud! But when she realizes this brute force (albeit sexy) of a man is taking her to his home to make her his bride, she’s plain mad. Lindsay decides she’d need a plan to get away from another forced marriage. As they reach Connor’s home, Lindsay is welcomed by Evelyn, Roderick’s wife. It was fun to see both brothers together and how they are ruled by Evelyn. Lindsay loves watching them. She adores the bond Roderick and Evelyn so obviously share, which makes her wistful. Then she remembers Connor’s weird claims about her being his ‘mate’ and so on, and she hovers in and out of indecisions.

I did find this part a little frustrating. Even knowing that Lindsay’s reasoning was justified, I felt for Connor. The poor babe! He was the most vulnerable party here. If Lindsay denies him, he’s done for life! Nevertheless, I was totally enjoying Lindsay and Connor’s banters. She was pretty sure she’d use the knowledge that she can somehow control Connor being his mate, and make an escape with it. But somewhere deep inside, Lindsay knew that she can’t do that to him. I was glad that this push and pull didn’t go on for a long time and Lindsay does give into Connor in a very sexy scene...

Must say, I really enjoyed the ending. I especially loved that scene which showed us how as a mate, Lindsay could tame (literally) Connor’s beast with a ‘no’ and a few soothing words. SO sexy! Again, I wish that I had a few more chapters to read because I didn’t want the story to finish so soon. Highly recommended from me. 4.25 stars. Not sure who is getting the next book, Unwanted but gonna find out soon! 


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