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The Love Doctor and the Phantasm by Elliot Mabeuse

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Love Doctor and the Phantasm (novella)

Elliot Mabeuse
Historical Romance/Paranormal/Erotica (mild BDSM)
Published in 2008

H/h - Griego Robinetti/Lady Elena Testarosa
Setting: Italy.

Read in Sept, 2012.
My rating:

                                                     [spoiler alert]

Ooookie, this was weird. In fact, so weird that I’m not sure where to start or what to write in my review.

I’ve read weird stuff from EM before, so I shouldn’t be surprised or even (I hope) stare blankly at the book... but, I did.

Gosh Doc, you never stop making my mind boggle...!!

The story has a lot of paranormal stuff going on. It’s set in Italy, I’m not sure the time-frame but historical setting. The blurb gives you the basics of the story. The only girl of a rich man, Don Dreo, Elena Testarosa is enchanted by a love spell from a pervy older man of the Castigliani family. There is a twist here, the love spell was meant from a younger Castigliani, but the older man bribed the witch who did it. Both families are enemies and the main reason for this love spell was to make Elena act like a b*tch in heat (for the man on whose behalf the spell was cast) and lose all inhibition where sex is concerned. Another payback, among many.

Now, Don Dreo is worried for his daughter and being desperate, calls this love doctor, a Jew who is disliked among the people, Griego Robinetti. Robinetti is much older, stockily built one-eyed man, who is said to have powers to work on such cases. Dreo doesn’t hold any grudges on him though. When the story starts, Robinetti is explaining Dreo about the spell, 5 cards (damn, if I could understand them well) that are related to the process of breaking the enchantment. These are steps full of sexual meanings and innuendoes. He has to reach inside Elena’s sexual beast, her female phantasm to break it. Robinetti knows Elena is a beauty, rich and spoiled. But he’d work on her and earn his pay. He’s a good actor, and his process indefinitely involves sex (Robinetti is a lusty man)... no one has to know that he’s a fraud, that his name is also fake. But we don’t really know that at first because Robinetti really is very confident about everything.

So far, in other EM books, I didn’t have to read the hero having sex with any other woman (though the heroine does is some of them), but here, there is a sex scene between Robinetti and a Jew whore in the bathhouse where he goes to clean up after the long travel. It was just... gross. Later he uses the whore to act on his behalf, exchanging messages and all that because after he meets Elena. Robinetti becomes crazy to have her.

Robenetti asks Dreo keep the tower, where Helena is kept, out of reach of anyone... even any guards. The first ‘session’ was, well......... let’s just say, we get to see Robinetti’s magical d*ck in work… it writes spells (over Elena’s body)!! Ta-da!!!! I also know what it wrote in Hebrew but can’t tell them to you… *heehee* But the next session was the most intense... full of... umm, well, a lot of things (including sex and mild BDSM). I was literally agape, confused and ....... Just stared blankly at the book.

I’m still confused why Robinetti was said to be a fake and how then, he worked to break the enchantment (even if I leave the hot sex). Magic was definitely in work here. It was just... weird. They tavel to the realm of the phantasmagoria (through sex... umm, okie), the enchantment talks to them about how he was forced to become this evil love spell and Robinetti sets it free with Elena’s permission. I won’t say all of it was weird. I actually really liked some of the symbolisms here, whatever the hell I actually could understand. Some of the dialogues were really funny.

Anyway, the end result is, they’re in love and want to marry. But to be in love with a Jew doesn’t work and because Helena was engaged to another man and the older perv who cast the spell got killed (by Robinetti’s plan), Dreo asks them to elope somewhere far away to avoid the scandal, among other things. He’d provide the money of course.

Tra-la-la... the end.

3.5 stars (confused over the rating as well). I’d still love to know some other POV about this one but sadly, not many reviews are found.

Warning: Not for you if you’re not into BDSM in any form, magical d*cks and (can’t believe I’m saying this) lactation fetishism (I had NO idea trust me).


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