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The Devil You Know by Saskia Walker

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Devil You Know (novella)
A free installment

Saskia Walker
Contemporary Romance/Erotica (with very light bondage)
Published in 2011

H/h - Mike Racine/Leonie Carlton
Setting: Australia, present time.

Read in Jan, 2012.
My rating:

                                                        [spoiler alert]

This free novella by Saskia Walker was ok by my standard. The Devil You Know is about 20 pages of quickie, as Leonie and Mark’s relationship can be best described before she ran from him.

Leonie had an affair with Mark but fell in love. Mark isn’t the sort to settle down but casual shagging is perfectly ok, which is what Leonie was to him, albeit a really good one. As far as I could understand, they probably worked in the same office. Since she knew she cannot have it all with Mark, Leonie moved to Australia from London to work in a plantation. But her friend kept her updated about Mark on request from her. Now, Mark is here to challange her so-called cool and calm lifestyle. Mark came off as a tad bid manipulative for my choice. Knowing that he never really had any serious relationship in his mind didn’t really endear him to me. But, he wasn’t the only one at fault. From whatever little was provided about their previous relationship (if you can call whatever they had, that), Leonie never protested, until one day she just realized she can never make him settle down.

Mark kept reminding her of their ‘old times’ from the moment he got out of the car. He came here to inspect the goods of the plantation (coffee I think) himself... which includes Leonie too. Lol While Leonie makes introductions with the owners of the plantation, where she also lives, she can’t help but think back the quickies they had here and there and the belt he’s wearing and WTF he did with that while they were going at it etc. etc. And when they go upstairs, Mark kept dropping not so subtle hints that he’d come all the way from England for this. Leonie was sooo asking for it even while she was saying how much she hates him, how much she doesn’t want to have sex with him bla bla bla. I was pissed and muttering to myself- yah whatever, get it over with already! Then, before you know it, while the owners wait downstairs, they proceed to have bed squeaking shagging (not my words, it’s in the story!)... Good God! So, why play the ‘I don’t want to shag you’ game Leonie?

After they’re done, she’s so happy that he ‘confessed’ that he came all this way to shag her. *blinks* Really? I really didn’t believe anything serious forming between them, so when they proceeded to the ILU phase and talked about being together, I kept rolling my eyes. Thank goodness it was short! I’ve read only two other SW books and they were pretty good, so I hope to read more of her books later. For this one, 3 stars. If you want a quick hot read, it’s for you but don’t expect anything solid relationship-wise. Trust me, I’ve read other short, freebies where the author made me believe that the H/h belong together. Here, I wasn’t. Sorry about that.

“The Devil You Know” is free and can be downloaded from smashwords. This novella was originally featured in The Mammoth Book of Hot Romance.


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