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Beauty Touched the Beast by Skye Warren

Monday, December 05, 2011

Beauty Touched the Beast (novella)
(Beauty #1)
A free installment

Skye Warren
Comtemporary Romance/Erotica
Published in 2011

H/h - Blake Morris/Erin
Setting: Present time.

Read in Dec, 2011.
My rating:

                                                        [spoiler alert]

Nooooooooo, why this isn’t a full-length novel? WHY WHY WHY???????? I seriously loved it. WOW!

Blake Morris is an ex-marine. He’s brilliant, he can debate about many things, reads a lot, writes journals and all that but sadly, he was scarred on the face in some battle while serving in the military. And that has made him a recluse, without a love life. Now this collage student, Erin comes to his house two days a week to clean it. Erin isn’t from a wealthy background, she needs this money for her education but she is a bit vulnerable about her job as a cleaner. So is Blake with his scars.

Blake desperately wants Erin but he knows (and he was so so vulnerable my god!) that she would never want a scarred, old man like him. I don’t know how old he was but at least 20yrs or so from Erin was my guess. Funnily enough, Erin respects Mr. Blake a lot and has this hero-worship thing for him. She certainly does care for him too. So when one day she comes to work and accidentally happens upon him, er... well, pleasuring himself and calling out her name when he climaxed, her 1st thought was... there was no thought actually, she just got wet. Lol I was giggling here and thinking I would’ve ran out and wouldn’t see the man for sometimes, I’d be that embarrassed. She ran out too but not out of the house thankfully. Blake is really embarrassed by this, more vulnerability crashes inside his mind. He’s scared that his precious times with Erin just came to an end. He apologizes to her and keeps avoiding her for a while. This gave Erin some incentive to think about what she wants to do about this situation. I won’t say anymore but I totally believed in the ending and their feelings for each-other. I also believed (hoped) that there is a great life ahead of them together. But sadly, it ended too short... TOO SHORT I TELL YOU!!!  I definitely wanted to watch this relationship grow, for the story to continue for a while.

I love a scarred hero and Blake was perfect in every way. I even loved his vulnerabilities and wanted to hug him tight. Sex was nothing kinky but definitely hot (the man was just super crazy for Erin and she shared the passion well). His age should’ve been a problem for me because such a big age difference always spoils my enjoyment but I’m so glad it didn’t in here. The author covered it so well; I didn’t really care for their ages in the end. I just wanted them to be together, that’s all. I think I have to check out more Skye Warren books later.

4 stars.

“Beauty Touched the Beast” is a free installment of 3 short chapters. It can be downloaded from allromanceebooks.


Just found out that Ms. Warren featured a part of my review on her site, I’m glad for it and would like to thank her. :)


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