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Inked by Everly Drummond

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Inked (novella)
A free installement

Everly Drummond
Contemporary Romance/Erotica
Published in 2011

H/h - Brody/Avery Carmichael
Setting: Recent time.

Read in Aug, 2011.
My rating:

Well, not bad. Though I'm not a tattoo fan (for) myself, I've watched the TV shows LA Ink and Miami Ink and loved them. I admire the artistry and the people who do them, a lot. Also, I've just read a book by Bonnie Dee which I LOVED titled Bone Deep (my review is posted here), where the hero was tattooed all over his body, so this novella got me interested. Plus the hunk on the cover was a good sign, though I'm not sure if he's happy to be there lmaooo. :p

Anyway, the heroine Avery goes to this tattoo shop and has a tattoo done by the tattoo guy Brody. While doing it, she was fantasizing about him, so was he. Later on, when she goes away, Brody finds her apartment with a false excuse (so typical!) and Avery invites him in. Not surprising, considering she was fantasizing about him (again) while in her bath. And, they have sex. It was a very short read (about 10 pages or so) so there was no hint of a lasting relationship, let alone love. The sex (I won't say 'making love') was good except for the later part which I skipped because I don't care for 'that' at all. 3 stars.

“Inked” can be downloaded for free from smashwords.

Warning: Not for the people who do not find 'backdoor lovin' sexy!


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