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The Wedding Trap by Tracy Anne Warren

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Wedding Trap
The Trap Trilogy #3

Tracy Anne Warren
Historical Romance
Published in 2006

H/h - Lord Christopher Winter/Eliza Hammond
Setting: London, 1820.

Read in Feb, 2011.

My rating: 2.5 out of 5

                                                                    [spoiler alert]

I've read 8 chps and I'm not still not into it. The storyline is usual, not bad yet not quite grabbing me the way I thought it would. Feels too much like Romancing Mister Bridgerton, only Eliza isn't as impressive as Penelope, yet!

I'm not sure about Kit. I now know that I don't really feel like respecting heroes who think they're maybe in need of a woman too much just because they suddenly find themselves fantasizing about/attracted to the so-called 'ugly, spinsterish' relations/friends of relations. I really loved Romancing Mister Bridgerton, I still adore Colin (the last part of the book made it all up to me) but on my 3rd read I've realized if a man had such demeaning thoughts (not the fantasizing part mind you :p) about me, I'd stay thousand miles away from that guy. I liked that Kit defended Eliza's honor, still ... He seems immature to me. I've read about more matured and strong-minded heroes who were as old as/younger than Kit. Really don't know. Let's see.

Hmm, about halfway through but I'm really not that hooked. Kit is immature, Eliza is still a doormat. Kit even has this 'insatiable appetite' thing like Colin. I've read better. I'm rather interested in Lance. Loved Darragh and Jeannette's crazy chemistry so much more than this. Call me a nutcase but this one isn't proving to be that interesting. :|

IDIOTS! Really, both of them. I was SO bored that I got pissed off!!! Eliza was forever jumping into bed with Kit, no matter what! At least, she spent half the book thinking about it, even when she was engaged. Sorry but I didn't find Eliza's abuse of trust very funny. How could she do that to a man who said 'I Love You' to her, even before Kit? A perfectly honest man at that, a man knowing she wasn't a virgin anymore (that's right, Kit!) was willing to marry her. For shame!

And, Kit? This is what he did throughout the book (at least the half he hadn't spent giving boring lessons to confused doormats!): When he was being denied a lollypop he ignored all his life, now thought he wants, Kit suddenly realized he 'loves' that aforementioned lollypop. He started beating people off, spent time scowling and glaring at others. Ughhh! This must make sense cause he was that immature. *gag*

Lance (even Lord Maplewood) deserved better. Would've love to read their book since both are deserving of their HEA IMO.

Sad truth is, I wasn't impressed by neither Kit nor Eliza. The whole book was a waste of time for me.

Don't know how people thought it was the best of the three! 2.5 stars.

Note: I asked Ms. Warren (in her FB page) about Lance and Lord Maplewood and I'm glad to know they're in her list for secondary characters who badly need their own books. I appreciate this news and would be waiting for them. :)


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