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Release Blitz: Tempting a Gentleman by Rachel Ann Smith

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

I'm hosting a promo, today, on Rachel Ann Smith's latest historical romance release, Tempting a Gentleman (The Hadfields #2), as a part of the ongoing release blitz tour. Also find an excerpt for your enjoyment.
Tempting a Gentleman
Rachel Ann Smith
(The Hadfields #2)
Published: April 20, 2021
As a key member of the Network and modiste to the ladies of the ton, Emma Lennox favors freedom over marriage. But when her best friend asks that she attend the Hadfield ball, Emma finds herself thrown into the arms of a dance master who raises both her pulse and her temper.

Respected barrister Christopher Neale needs to marry in order to claim his place as a Protector of the Royal Family (PORF). After two years of searching, an innocent encounter with a stranger on his brother’s front steps ignites a yearning he cannot ignore.

Ordered by the head PORF to teach Emma how to dance, Christopher finds himself in love with his reluctant and enigmatic student. Emma must ignore the whispers of her heart or risk what she holds most dear—control over her dress shop.

Will Emma’s resolve not to marry remain steadfast against Christopher’s skill as a barrister and a lover?

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An Excerpt from Tempting a Gentleman:

He placed a booted foot on the first step, and the wide door of the townhouse flung open, revealing the petite form of a cloaked woman. Her hood fluttered, concealing her features as she scanned the street and the path before her. Before Christopher’s foot landed upon the second step, the woman fled down the stairs and past him in such a frenzied blur he hadn’t managed to ascertain her identity. 

The hairs on his arms stood on end, and his heart fluttered as if an electric current had run through him. The jolt froze him in place as the woman’s vehicle disappeared down the road. With a shake of his head, Christopher turned and mounted the steps to the front door. On the landing, he glanced back down the road. The bizarre thought that he had let something— no, someone— important slip away had him stomping through the foyer. Preoccupied with sorting his rioting thoughts, Christopher handed over his coat and hat to the butler and meandered towards the family drawing room. The floral scent lingered in the air, tickling his nose. His body tingled as if he was experiencing an aftershock. How was that possible? He hadn’t caught a clear glimpse of her features, yet every cell from head to toe seemed to come alive as she breezed by him. No one of his acquaintance in all his nine and twenty years on this earth had ever evoked this strange physical reaction within him.

Also Available in the Series:

Coming Soon
Releasing November 3
About the Author:

Rachel Ann Smith writes steamy historical romances with a twist. Her debut series, Agents of the Home Office, features female protagonists that defy convention.

When Rachel isn't writing, she loves to read and spend time with the family. She is frequently found with her Kindle by the pool during the summer, on the side-lines of the soccer field in the spring and fall, or curled up on the couch during the winter months.

She currently lives in Colorado with her extremely understanding husband and their two very supportive children.

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