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Release Blitz: Seduction by Z.L. Arkadie

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Today, I'm hosting a promo on Z.L. Arkadie's latest release, Seduction (The Secret Billionaire Asher Christmas Duet #1), as a part of the ongoing release blitz tour. Also find an excerpt for your enjoyment. Note that Seduction is free on kindle unlimited!!
(The Secret Billionaire Asher Christmas Duet #1)
Z.L. Arkadie
Published: April 30, 2020
Dr. Penina Ross learns that the stranger she shared a brief connection with the other day is a new surgeon at the hospital where she works. And now everybody wants to know who he is, and from what part of Heaven, the hunky and enigmatic angel fell.

But Penina knows, if she’s smart, she'll stay far away from Dr. Jake Sparrow—if that’s even his real name. She has a habit of attracting and falling for liars and cheaters, and that's exactly who the secretive Dr. Sparrow feels like to her.

However, at times she catches him staring at her from across the room, and when he does, her heart races like the wind. He’s so seductive, so yummy, which is why Penina can no longer resist him. Then, one day she discovers what he’s been hiding, and his secret hits closer to home than she could ever imagine.

Promo Spotlight and Giveaway: To Win A Wicked Lord by Sofie Darling

Friday, April 24, 2020

I'm hosting a promo, today, on Sofie Darling's latest historical romance release, To Win A Wicked Lord (Shadows and Silk #4), as a part of the ongoing VBT. The giveaway includes a $15 Amazon GC, so don't forget to enter via rafflecopter below! Note that To Win A Wicked Lord is free on kindle unlimited!!
To Win A Wicked Lord
Sofie Darling
(Shadows and Silk #4)
Published: April 22, 2020 by Soul Mate Publishing
Lord Percival Bretagne is used to playing games. He survived being a spy for a decade using his wits alone. But that was just life and death, now he’s playing for the most important prize of all—love.

He’ll Stop at Nothing……
Ten years after his family gave him up for dead, British spy Lord Percival Bretagne is back home, but his mission is far from over. Playing the aristocrat in London gambling dens and at country house parties is just a cover for Percy’s real quest. He’s hunting the man who stole everything from him—his family, his marriage, even his identity. And this time nothing, and no one, will stand in his way.

She’ll Risk it All……
But one night with Isabel Galante changes everything. She’s willing to gamble a woman’s most intimate prize in order to save her imprisoned father, but she didn’t expect a devilishly handsome opponent with a dangerously attractive wicked streak. Isabel would do anything for her family, including betraying Percy, but she has no idea that she’s stumbled into the middle of a decade-long quest for revenge.

Who Will Win in the Game Called Love?
Percy has been betrayed before, and now the man who destroyed his life is using Isabel to strike again. With the fate of the government and his new life in the balance, he’ll have to keep Isabel seductively, scandalously close. They begin a passionate game of truth and lies, deception and dalliance, uncovering the heart of who they really are and realizing that winning might mean losing what matters the most—each other.

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Release Blitz: Price of Love by Erica Marselas

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Today, I'm hosting a promo on Erica Marselas's latest release, Price of Love (Written in the Stars #4), as a part of the ongoing release blitz. Also find some teasers for your enjoyment. Note that Price of Love is free on kindle unlimited!!
Price of Love
Erica Marselas
(Written in the Stars #4)
Published: April 23, 2020
When it comes to relationships, I’m a magnet for attracting all the wrong men.
I need a date—desperately—when I find out my lying, cheating ex is going to my best friend’s wedding.
Trusting the stars, my meddlesome Grams places a personal ad in the paper for me with one stipulation:
Leos need not apply.
While taking care of her, an all too familiar pediatric nurse with startling blue eyes asks me on a date.
But he’s a Leo. Not only by name, but by birth date.
This patient, caring, determined man wants me, but my heart has paid the ultimate price in the past.
Will he be the one to mend my heart or will I pay the price once again?

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