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Promo Spotlight and Giveaway: A Venomous Love by Chris Karlsen

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Today, I'm hosting a promo on Chris Karlsen's latest release, A Venomous Love (Bloodstone #3), as a part of the ongoing VBT. Also find an excerpt for your enjoyment. The giveaway includes 2 e-copies of the featured book plus a $20 Amazon GC, so don't forget to enter via rafflecopter below!
A Venomous Love
Chris Karlsen
 (Bloodstone #3) 
Published: February 28, 2020 
A veteran, Detective Rudyard Bloodstone has fought a brutal battle and witnessed war horrors that haunt his nightmares. Now one of those horrors has followed him home from Africa.

A vicious predator, the Cape cobra, can kill a man in thirty minutes. A suspect using the snake as a weapon in robberies is terrorizing London.

When the crimes escalate into murder, a victim’s daughter, Honoria Underhill, becomes the focus of the killer. After several attempts on her life, Scotland Yard threatens to take over the high profile case. With few leads to follow, Bloodstone and his partner must now fight department politics and catch the killer before Underhill becomes another murder victim.

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Release Blitz: Waiting for Milo by Angel Devlin

Thursday, February 27, 2020

I'm hosting, today, a promo on Angel Devlin's latest release, Waiting for Milo (The Waite Family #1), as a part of the ongoing release blitz tour. Check it out! Note that Waiting for Milo is free on kindle unlimited!!
Waiting for Milo
Angel Devlin 
(The Waite Family #1) 
Published: February 26, 2020
He called her Rapunzel.
Now she’s back in a tower of her own making.
Can he rescue his princess and live happily ever after? 
After purchasing her nan’s old home, Violet Blake wonders if the mysterious Waite family still live in the house across the garden. But there are bigger things to worry about—like how she’s going to get the hole in the ceiling repaired and the neglected house modernised. Lucky for her, the Waite family do turn out to be her neighbours and run a property renovation business. 
Enter Milo Waite.
Caveman. Protector. Stubborn as hell. 
He won’t take no for an answer and sets about making sure his princess has her castle. But repairing the house isn’t his only project. He wants Violet. 
Real life isn’t a fairy tale though, and buried family secrets threaten not only their budding relationship but to tear their families apart. 
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Release Blitz: Slow Dancing by Stylo Fantome

Friday, February 21, 2020

Today, I'm hosting a promo on Stylo Fantome's latest release, Slow Dancing, as a part of the ongoing release blitz tour. Also find an excerpt for your enjoyment. Note that Slow Dancing is free on kindle unlimited and on 99c sale for a limited time!!
Slow Dancing
Stylo Fantome
Published: February 21, 2020
A rising pop star who can't let go of her emotional baggage, and a cocky dance partner who doesn't know what monogamy is.

She's inhibited.
He's free-spirited.
She doesn't want a relationship.
He doesn't believe in them.
She can't believe that anyone would love her.
He can't seem to stop himself from loving her.
When their differences collide and sparks start to fly, he's sure it's the start of something amazing.
And she's sure it's the end of her career.
Who will be right?

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Release Blitz and Giveaway: In the Garden of Discontent by Lily White

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

I'm hosting a promo, today, on Lily White's latest release, In the Garden of Discontent, as a part of the ongoing release blitz tour. Also find an excerpt for your enjoyment. To enter the giveaway of a $20 Amazon GC, please click on the link below. Note that In the Garden of Discontent is free on kindle unlimited!!
In the Garden of Discontent
Lily White
Published: February 19, 2020
This is a love story.
It’s brutal.
Terrifying, honest, and raw.
But a love story nonetheless...because it is so beautiful.
Noah Carter was the type of guy that every girl wanted.
Gorgeous. Talented. Smart and kind.
He was the world that revolved around me even though I didn’t deserve him.
But then something went wrong.
He snapped maybe, just lost his mind.
I found him the night my family died, their blood staining his hands.
I put him in prison. I got my revenge.
But then years later he broke free and stole me away from my life.
You couldn’t know Ensley without wanting to strangle her.
She was beautiful. She was wild. She was the girl next door.
I grew up with her by my side.
I watched her destroy herself while I held on.
I protected her when she had been blind to the danger that surrounded her.
I let her go once, only to find her again.
She would see me this time no matter what.

Book Blast and Giveaway: Restart in Bristol by Sedona Hutton

Friday, February 14, 2020

I'm hosting, today, a promo on Sedona Hutton's latest release, Restart in Bristol (Racing Hearts in Serenity #3), as a part of the ongoing book blast tour. Also find an excerpt for your enjoyment. Note that Restart in Bristol is free on kindle unlimited!!

Sedona Hutton will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.
Restart in Bristol
Sedona Hutton
(Racing Hearts in Serenity #3)
Published: February 14, 2020
He’s a hot mess. She wants stability. Will these childhood sweethearts risk another pass at love?

Veterinarian Holly Nicholson longs to put down roots. And with a growing practice and pending nuptials to a handsome doctor, her dream future is finally within reach. But when her NASCAR racing high-school steady rolls into town, Holly’s heart takes an off-track excursion.

Curtis “CC” Clark burned out from life in the fast lane. Switching gears, he moves to a small town in search of some cosmic signpost to reveal his destiny and crosses paths with the only girl he’s ever loved. But he’s worried fate sent him into the pits when he finds out she’s engaged.

Between working at the same animal shelter and her engagement crumbling, Holly can feel old desires stirring. But before they can pick up speed, CC gets his big chance for a high-profile comeback. And returning to the road may mean giving up his beloved forever.

Can CC and Holly find common ground and take their love across the finish line?

Restart in Bristol is the third standalone novel in the Racing Hearts in Serenity contemporary romance series. If you like bad boys with a heart of gold, strong women, and a touch of new age spirituality, then you’ll adore Sedona Hutton’s fun, sexy romance.

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Promo Spotlight and Giveaway: Raven, Red by Connie Suttle

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I'm hosting a promo, today, on Connie Suttle's latest release, Raven, Red (Lion and Raven #1), as a part of the ongoing VBT. Also find a long excerpt for your enjoyment. The giveaway includes a paperback copy of the featured book so don't forget to enter via rafflecopter below!
Raven, Red
Connie Suttle
(Lion and Raven #1)
Published: October 26, 2019
Cormac Flynn, a raven shapeshifter, is ancient, Celtic, and cursed.

Arianne Leone, a mountain lion shapeshifter, owns an art gallery in Deep Ellum, a popular tourist attraction and haven for musicians for decades.

Together, they are charged with guarding the one who bears the Hermit’s Stone, an ancient artifact that has held worlds together—and kept them separate—for eons.

Possession of the stone falls to Ari’s friend and art student, nineteen-year-old Nico Garcia. When Nico’s parents are killed in an attempt to destroy him, Ari and Mac must set aside their differences and work together, protecting Nico at all costs…

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