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Release Day Blitz: When She Comes Undone Part One by Vanessa Gray

Monday, November 30, 2015

Today I'm featuring Vanessa Gray's debut erotic romance, When She Comes Undone (Part One), as a part of the ongoing release day blitz. Hope you check it out!
When She Comes Undone (Part One)
Vanessa Gray
Publication: November 30, 2015

Chloe Dawson learned early that life wasn’t easy. If it were, her parents never would have split up, leaving her to deal with the fallout at eight years old. If it were, her mother’s vice wouldn’t have driven a wedge between them. Though she comes to face trials most people only confront in their nightmares, she realizes she can’t wake up from her life. Instead, she looks her problems in the eye, afraid yet standing her ground.

But even the strongest need rescuing …

Just when she feels her head dipping below the surface, Caleb Holt appears in her life. Unlike Chloe, he’s run far from his past, into the arms of an uncertain future. At the request of a dying man, he decides to stop running and fulfill a promise—one which forbids him from interacting with Chloe and forces him to remain her secret benefactor.

Keeping out of sight, he watches with his eyes, but soon discovers that his heart has been just as vigilant. Aggressive is his middle name, but his bond keeps him silent at a distance. When she needs help, he reaches out of hiding to touch her life, only to step back before she can see him.

However opportunity presents itself, and he finds he can’t resist answering its call. What will happen when the barrier between them drops and he’s finally allowed to touch where once he could only look?

What will happen when Chloe accepts an offer that no one in her desperate position would refuse, even when it pushes her boundaries? What will happen when she comes undone?

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The Darkness in the Marquess of Dane by Eliza Lloyd

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Darkness in the Marquess of Dane
Birds of Paradise

Eliza Lloyd
Erotic Historical Romance
Published in 2015

H/h - Lucian Conover, the Marquess of Dane/Christina Turnbow
Setting: Regency.

Read in November, 2015.
My rating:

                                                       [spoiler alert]

I was looking for a diversion from something and Eliza Lloyd’s The Darkness in the Marquess of Dane sounded like something that’d fit my mood. I was also quite ready to dismiss it as ‘another one of those Regency porn’ but the author made me realize that this novel is not as simple as that. Since this was my first book by the author, I had no prior expectations and quite delightfully discovered that I found something worth my time. Something I absolutely enjoyed.

The Darkness in the Marquess of Dane tells you the story of a depraved soul; a man who apparently isn’t bound by any moral code whatsoever. He thrives on debauchery, runs a whorehouse, has his own commissioned prostitutes— quite a large number of them who are at his beck and call whenever the mood strikes him. Dane, whose real name is not known until much later in the story, is what you’d call a rake of the worst order. Maybe even something more than that. The Ton knows him, is very intrigued by him but he rebuffs the Ton’s attention like the plague. He doesn’t mingle with that “set” at all, not even for sex and fun. No, Dane loves his whores, enjoys them. Their transaction is basic and most definitely, honest. He has business ventures that bring him money (that whorehouse is one of the very latest, so he was rich to begin with, though I never knew why he even thought about opening one :/). To him, sex is an art that should be perfected. And it can’t be done if you are entangled in feelings and emotions with your partner. So Dane doesn’t do emotions. His whores know what he wants; they’re paid and looked after well, so they return the “favor” quite generously.

Promo Spotlight and Giveaway: Seeing You by Michelle Lynn

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Today, I'm hosting a promo spotlight on Michelle Lynn's latest, Seeing You, as a part of the ongoing VBT. Also find teasers and an excerpt for your enjoyment. The giveaway includes a $25 Amazon GC, don't forget enter via rafflecopter below.
Seeing You
Michelle Lynn
Published: November 16, 2015
Todd’s my next-door neighbor—an up-and-coming chef ready to make his mark on the world. His dreams are bold and limitless, his drive even more so. He offers me a favor, one that I can’t refuse … only there are strings attached.

Amelia’s my next-door neighbor—a talented photographer waiting for her big break.

Her dreams are authentic and intense, her art even more so. I made her an offer and she accepted … but I asked for something in return.

Two favors meant to make our dreams come true. Our careers were supposed to change, not our friendship.

Success was the ultimate goal … until we saw each other in a different light.

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Finding Gabriel by Rachel L. Demeter

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Finding Gabriel

Rachel L. Demeter
Historical Romance
Published in 2015

H/h - Gabriel de Laurent/Ariah Larochelle
Setting: Paris, France, 1815.

Read in September, 2015.
My rating:

                                                   [spoiler alert]

Rachel L. Demeter’s Finding Gabriel promised something dark and bada$$. Even comparison to books like Gaelen Foley’s Lord of Ice and Judith James’s Broken Wing were made. Then there was the $0.99c release sale, so no wonder I grabbed it when it was released!

Both Lord of Ice and Broken Wing are straight 5 stars books, aptly deserved as I absolutely loved both. However, Finding Gabriel, IMO failed to deliver what it promised. Yes there were quite a lot of dark and depressing matters in the story but they never worked out the way I wanted them to. Since this was my first book by the author, I went in totally blind and felt the unadulterated shock of disappointment. I’d go into my full review later but first, here is what happened in a nutshell...

Colonel Gabriel de Laurent has seen it all, done it all in his 30 yrs. life. Born in a noble family, he wasn’t supposed to serve Bonaparte but he went to the army when tragedy struck his family down and there was no one left to mourn him. After his parents had passed, Gabriel married the girl he was betrothed to quite dutifully, being the only heir to their legacy. Both were young (late teens) and totally inexperienced. And they didn’t suit at all. Soon, after the birth of Lisette, their only child, Gabriel and his wife drifted apart. There were numerous affairs on both sides. From what little shown in the story made me feel that both were to blame equally for their failed marriage. When not submerging into the charms of his next mistress, Gabriel was drinking away. His wife was depressed, resentful, always looking for the next lover, never finding the peace that eluded her in her own marriage. And that brought trouble at their home; a jilted lover who wanted revenge. I won’t go into the details but Gabriel lost his whole family on one single night, in a quite gruesome way. He would’ve died himself had he not killed the perpetrators equally brutally and left home, never to return again. His conscience, the urge to be a good husband and father, came a little too late... there was nothing left to do anymore.

Promo Spotlight: Some Sort of Crazy by Melanie Harlow

Monday, November 23, 2015

I'm hosting a promo spotlight, today, on Melanie Harlow's contemporary romance, Some Sort of Crazy (Crazy Happy Love #2), as a part of the ongoing VBT. Also find an excerpt for your enjoyment.
Some Sort of Crazy
Melanie Harlow
(Crazy Happy Love #2)
Published: November 17, 2015

When a psychic tells Natalie Nixon her life is about to be upended by a mysterious stranger, she laughs it off. After all, she has everything she’s ever wanted—a successful bakery, the perfect boyfriend, and the keys to her dream house.

Who could possibly make her want to throw all that away?

Then Miles Haas comes back to town.

But he’s no stranger—they’ve known each other since high school. Plus, he’s only around for the summer, he’s still a shameless playboy, and he makes a living writing articles for a men’s magazine with titles like 'Should You Bang the Boss’s Daughter? A Flowchart' and 'Butt Stuff for Beginners: A Field Guide.'

He’s not the man of her dreams, and she’s not about to abandon everything she’s worked so hard for just for a little fun. Except he makes her laugh like no one else, smells like heaven, and wears panty-melting glasses.

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Release Day Blitz: Poughkeepsie Begins by Debra Anastasia

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The last installment of Debra Anastasia's Poughkeepsie Brotherhood series, Poughkeepsie Begins, is finally here and today, I'm hosting a promo on the book as a part of the release day blitz. Also find an excerpt for your enjoyment. An ARC review by moi will be up soon.

Remember that The Poughkeepsie Collector's Edition for your mobile devices and iOS is FREE currently to celebrate this release. For more and how to download it scroll down and click the links!!

Poughkeepsie Begins
Debra Anastasia
(Poughkeepsie Brotherhood #0.5)
Published: November 22, 2015 by Omnific Publishing

It ends with the beginning. This legendary, indie, cult-favorite series ends its tale with the story of the Poughkeepsie brotherhood before the tattoo. Before the train station, before the church, before a criminal empire there was a foster home and three teen boys who chose each other as family, because the ones they were born into didn’t exist

Still in high school, Beckett is already laying the groundwork for a grander life ahead, one where his brothers want for nothing and get some respect for once. But even as he plans, Beckett must decide if he’s ready to make that choice—diving in to a life that trades his chance at a future, his chance at something as simple as first love with a girl named Candy Cox, for their chance to find happiness.

Blake, Beckett, and Cole’s devotion to each other is forged by fists and the driving need to belong somewhere, to do more than just survive this life. Readers of the series know they each get there in the end, but before we count smiles, we must first shed tears. These early days of the Poughkeepsie brotherhood will play on your heartstrings before serrating them with a knife; they’ll lift your soul with music, only to leave you with nothing but a desperate prayer for hope.

And when you reach the end of the beginning, you’ll be ready to start the series all over again.

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