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The Billionaire and the Pop Diva by Eve Montelibano

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Billionaire and the Pop Diva (novella)
The Billionaire and the Pop Diva #1

Eve Montelibano
Contemporary Romance/Erotica
Published in 2015

H/h - Gianfranco Zoldatti/Valenna Jones
Setting: Present time.

Read in May, 2015.
My rating:

                                                       [spoiler alert]

The Billionaire and the Pop Diva is the first vol. of Eve Montelibano’s series under the same name. A short novella of about 60pages, this was an awkward, yet charmingly funny and hot read. I had to grab it after I read the blurb that caught my attentions...


Umm yah the story is, indeed, about cherry popping of a hugely famous Pop Diva, who has maintained her virginity for an ‘inhumanely’ long time (or so her peers and the rest of the world would like to point out) that she’s like a unicorn... of sort. Valenna is 24 after all!

A former of Mickey Mouse Club, Valenna Jones was a household sweetheart. It was then, she and her former club members vowed to keep their chastity until married (*snort*). Predictably enough, everybody else but herself has broken that vow by the time they’d turned 18, maybe even before that. Now, for Valenna, that cherry has become, er, too big of a ‘liability’ to handle. Her ex’s all up and left one by one when they couldn’t get it to pop no matter what they did, the last one actually cheated on her with some cougar actress, breaking her heart. Valenna notes with sadness, it seems true love doesn’t exist anymore.

After the last heartbreak, Valenna decides to go about this, er... cherry popping business with the style and aplomb befitting that of a Pop Diva. She needs to change her image from the sweet girl-next-door to the sex bomb! Bidding starts soon enough, with the whole matter taking a life of its own and boosting Valenna’s popularity even more, if there was even such a thing.  The plan is simple enough—she’d sell her cherry to the bidder of her liking and donate the money to her favorite charity. If only! It was supposed to be just a business like any other, until she meets the highest bidder not really knowing who he was and her womb begins vibrating like it has never before! *snickers*

Gianfranco, or ‘Giane’ as he simply introduces himself to Valenna, is no one other than the race-car tycoon, the owner of the most popular race car brand, Zoldatti. He’s obsessed with... you’re right, race cars. Other than that, he’s bored, jaded and has no idea where to spend his sh!t load of money.

It was just another boring day for Giane when just how long it has been since his last shagging (too busy with his obsession) catches up with him. It’s then the news of Valenna’s cherry popping popped up somewhere that caught his attentions. Giane thinks he can buy anything, so why not the cherry of some Pop Diva? This might actually prove to be some kinda diversion! It’s not like his money doesn’t bring women left and right to be used at his whim! Besides the thought of a cherry is giving him the boner of a lifetime, something so unexpected that Giane thinks... well, he doesn’t know what to think. Now he’s just determined to own that cherry! But what both didn’t count on was their first meeting and how oddly sweet it’d turn out to be.

I have to say, I didn’t know until the last few chapters how to react. As I said, I was shaking my head and laughing... until I thought, ok, this is good!.Who knew cherry popping can bring forth such entertainment! LOL

The story showcases the shallow lifestyle of the rich and famous rather well. Yet somehow, the author had me glued to it because I had to find out just how far things would go between Giane and Valenna. But I was disappointed to find that cherry popping was still hanging there when this vol. ends.

Oh well, on to the next... 4 stars.


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