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A Valentine for His Secretary by Melanie Marchande

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Valentine for His Secretary (novella)
A Novel Deception novella

Melanie Marchande
Contemporary Romance/Erotica (light bondage)
Published in 2015

H/h - Adrian Risinger/Meghan Burns
Setting: Present time.

Read in February, 2015.
My rating:

                                                  [might be spoiler-ish]

I’ve been on a Melanie Marchande roll recently with her A Novel Deception series. The first book, His Secretary: Undone was really fun and flirty that featured a hot boss and his awkward secretary. I loved their chemistry so much that I had been wishing for a glance of this couple ever since. Well, hello, here is a glimpse for sure! A Valentine for His Secretary unquestionably gives you a taste of Adrian and Meghan’s relationship.

It all started with an astray that was mentioned in the blurb, or might’ve been something heavier that Meghan has always dreamed about throwing at her hot, arrogant, a$$hole of a boss, who, it seems, loves making her life hell. Any ‘life’ is pretty much non-existence for her since she’s the devoted (and resigned) secretary to a big corporate boss. Meghan loves to hate this man, knowing he’s way out of her reach and bounds, pretty sure that he feels the same way about her. At least the ‘loves to hate part’. Their verbal sparring would sure lead you to believe this, yet there is something else about it too. However much she hates him, Adrian Risinger is not only sexy and brilliant but also filthy rich. Overall, he’s Meghan’s every fantasy come true. Adrian, however much of an a$$hole, never criticized her looks or her mouthy self. She definitely had not lost her job over any of it.

Meghan never thought to question any of this until one day, when Adrian calls her into his office with a plan, divulging a ‘secret’ that would change the course of their ‘relationship’ (or whatever the hell you can call it) forever. She thought her life would pass her by this way... umm, apparently not. Thank God for that!

I knew I had to read the story when I read that blurb and was laughing my a$$ off. Meghan and Adrian was a hoot and HOT and many other things. Both smart and funny, complementing a complete tale of ‘opposites attract’. Now, A Valentine for His Secretary is like reading a day in their life; more precisely on their first Valentine’s Day together. Obviously. All you need to know that it might or might not include a crazy scavenger hunt and some hot lovin’. Yah baby!

The great thing about this novella was that you can read it as a standalone IMO, even though it’s really short. It manages to give you a good background of Meghan-Adrian’s past nonetheless. However, I’d still recommend His Secretary: Undone, just because it’d be much more fun to actually read it! 4 stars.


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