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Her Lord's Pleasure by Aileen McNaughton

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Her Lord's Pleasure (novella)

Aileen McNaughton
Medieval Romance/Erotica
Published in 2013

H/h - Lord Trent Donovan/Lady Rowena Morrigan
Setting: Medieval England.

Read in Oct, 2013.
My rating:

                                              [might be spoilerish]

I was looking for a quick read and Aileen McNaughton’s Her Lord's Pleasure seemed to fit the bill. It’s an Erotic Historical novella set in the medieval times.

Lord Trent Donovan just caught something, a good catch if we’re to believe by his musings; Rowena, the daughter of his mortal enemy, Lord Morrigan. His and Morrigan’s people have been at war since... no one knows when. All it’s known that this has been going on too long. Morrigan has killed his brother and Trent will make sure his daughter pays for his transgressions because ultimately, Rowena is his possession now, to do whatever he want to do with her. Trent has ‘plans’ for her (and you can imagine what those plans were). But when, at one point before going to his bedchamber where Rowena was kept in chain, Trent stops to think what kinda father sends his daughter through the enemy land without many armed soldiers to escort her to her betrothed’s land?

A piece of sh!t of a father, that’s who! From her own musings we find that Rowena’s disgusting father doesn’t really care what happens to her. She’s a woman for crying out loud, and pretty much unnecessary, apart from a good match. Rowena has brothers, the heirs her father needs. So Rowena already knows that her father wouldn’t really bother to rescue her from Trent Donovan or his machinations. Her betrothed will not have her as well since the moment Trent’s men abducted her, she’s damaged goods. She has been kept in chains for long hours in Trent’s bedchamber, and Rowena can only wait to find out what exactly are Trent’s intentions where she was concerned.

When Trent comes in at night, fully intent on doing every crappy thing to her, he’s grabbed on spot by Rowena’s dark beauty. He had no idea what to expect since he had never seen the girl before now. Try as he might, Trent’s resolve to take revenge no matter what fails in the next few chapters because he’s ensnared by not only her beauty, but also Rowena’s honesty, innocence as well as her spunk. The more they banter the more he can’t but feel protective towards her.

It’s a fairly short read so there isnn’t much to talk about but that one night and how these two falls for each-other, and Trent actually proving to me that he’s not a jerk as I initially thought him to be. The only things sometimes made me roll my eyes were the dialogue and the sexual innuendos. While some I found entertaining, some were just... weird. Grassy knoll? Forbidden orifice?? Button of pleasure???

Uh, ok. 3.5 stars.


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