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Her Lord and Master by Aileen McNaughton

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Her Lord and Master (novella)

Aileen McNaughton
Medieval Romance/Erotica
Published in 2013

H/h - Ragnor of Lejre/Elizabeth of Alnwick
Setting: Medieval era. 

Read in Oct, 2013.
My rating:

                                          [spoiler alert]

So, I caved in and also got Her Lord and Master by Aileen McNaughton. This one was another story set in the medieval ages; almost good for the most part but there were still those ridiculous types of dialogues that bugged me in Her Lord's Pleasure. Also this ends in a freakin’ big cliffhanger!! Ugh.

I was mainly interested in this was because the H, Ragnor was a Viking. Love me some Vikings was all in my mind. But the story opens up with our h, Elizabeth, who is kept in a convent because... because her family ‘donated’ her to the convent so that all her other family members can go to heaven. Really? OMG! I couldn’t keep my head straight when I read about what they did. Elizabeth is the youngest of 13 children of a Lord and a Lady. She was ‘donated’ to the convent at the age of 13, making her life as bleak and dark as it was narrated at the beginning of the story. She was kept in rags, fed crappy food and would have nothing but to pray all day long. It pained me that parents would be so disgusting to their kids, mainly if it’s a daughter, also the fact that Elizabeth never chose this life in the first place but she’s forced to live it nonetheless. It was clear as daylight that all the coins her family donated (yep they did) was never used for her or on her comfort. Sadly that’s the general story of all the women who are kept here.

But one day, a day that started like any other, Elizabeth’s life was about to change. When they were having their crappy breakfast, a rowdy group of Vikings raid the convent. They loot almost everything, not caring a whit how sacredly used or guarded those things were. When Elizabeth tries to be vocal, she catches the attention of the one who was obviously the leader of the group. He is handsome, tall and he is in command; that much was plain to see. Not only he seems amused by her feeble attempts but also, he’s very much interested in her. Just how much, he shows her by binding her with a rope and grabbing her, with every intention of making her his captive.

Elizabeth couldn’t say she was entirely unhappy because she absolutely hated her life at the convent. It was kinda fun, how Ragnor couldn’t speak English well, yet he and Elizabeth would try communicate. This story is slightly longer, so we see them communicating a bit more. He takes her to his camp, where he was making arrangements for setting sail again. Even though it took Elizabeth a while to understand what Ragnor meant to do with her, Ragnor’s own musings and attempts of seducing her was an entertaining read. I almost died laughing when, at the camp, his page boy tried to explain Elizabeth that Vikings share... everything. And there were like 200 men with Ragnor. I could imagine her face... priceless! lol

Don’t worry about that though, Ragnor wasn’t that much of a jerk. I actually liked it a lot when they got along together rather nicely. I never really felt that Ragnor was a jerk in that sense and that his interest in Elizabeth was merely physical. Besides, when Elizabeth would give him a tough time on occasions, something about him softly saying ‘Elizaveta, stoppe.’ would give me butterflies. :D

But, as I mentioned earlier, the dialogues as they start becoming intimate, also started getting ridiculous. So much so that I eye-rolled through the last 2 chapters (hence I reduced half a star). There were just too much of ‘snakes’, ‘golden, delicious honey buns’ and ‘shriveled apricots’ for me to appreciate Ragnor’s manly beauty properly. I bet no man wants to hear such stuff from a lady; his lady if I state more precisely. Just sayin’. :/

Also didn’t like that cliffhanger. It was too abrupt. How is it ‘epilogue’ when the story seemed unfinished? There’d be a sequel out in 2014. For me, I would’ve loved to know exactly when. Not funny Ms. Author! 3.5 stars.


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