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Sole Possession by Bryn Donovan

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sole Possession

Bryn Donovan
Contemporary Romance/Paranormal
Published in 2012

H/h - David Girard/Andrea 'Andi' Petrowski
Setting: Present time.

Read in Oct, 2012.
My rating:

                                           [spoiler alert]

This book was totally worth it; me taking chance on a new-to-me author! Bryn Donovan’s Sole Possession was an excellent horror/mystery read with sweet romance blooming between the H, David and the h, Andi. The story itself had me glued to the book. It’s been a long time since I’ve read anything close to horror or haunting theme, though I read Paranormal. I even loved the ex-priest Morty who helps Andi and David along the way while they battle the evil of the mansion David inherits from his deceased father.

’Twas the Night After Christmas by Sabrina Jeffries

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Twas the Night After Christmas
Hellions of Hallstead Hall #6

Sabrina Jeffries
Historical Romance 
Pub date: 30 Oct, 2012. (ARC review)

H/h - Pierce Waverly, the Earl of Devonmont/Camilla Stuart
Setting: London/Hertfordshire, 1826.

Read in Oct, 2012.
My rating:

                                                          [spoiler alert]

Ok, so do you people want me to grovel because I totally enjoyed Pierce’s story when I vowed to myself in my other reviews of this series that I probably wouldn’t read it? Well, I might have to, because ’Twas the Night After Christmas gets the best rating for me in this series. I simply loved it! Yes, Pierce was still the whiny rake, yes, he could be an overgrown baby (as per his own admissions, mind you!) but he... he was a lovely surprise too! And he ‘grew up’ soon enough, found love in Camilla and didn’t let go, which just got me there. I loved the story in general, which was very warm and sweet. It also had some really emotional moments that had me in tears. Keep your tissue boxes close by while reading this one.

Captured by Christine Cross

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A free installment

Christine Cross
Medieval Romance/Erotica
Published in 2012

H/h - Marcus Gaius/Alena
Setting: Ancient Rome.

Read in Oct, 2012.
My rating:

                                                      [spoiler alert]

It doesn’t often happen that you read free book from an unknown author and find something really enjoyable. I can tell because I do read a lot of freebies in hopes of finding interesting debut/new-to-me authors. This short story, Captured by Christine Cross one from the ineresting bunches. I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading it. When I finished, I was pleasantly surprised by the story.

The Mad Baron by Summer Devon

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Mad Baron

Summer Devon
Historical Romance/Erotica
Published in 2011

H/h - Nathaniel Felston, Baron Felston/Florrie Cadero
Setting: Victorian era (unsure).

Read in Oct, 2012.
My rating:

                                              [spoiler alert]

Summer Devon’s The Mad Baron was quite an interesting read. Personally, I liked most of it, until those times when the h and H, Florrie and Nathaniel were trying my patience. I also had trouble connecting with the author’s writing style for a while, but I let it grow on me gradually. Let’s see if I can elaborate in my review.

The Bride of Larkspear by Sherry Thomas

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Bride of Larkspear by A Gentleman of Indiscretion
A Fitzhugh Trilogy Erotic Novella

Sherry Thomas
Historical Romance/Erotica
Published 2012

H/h - Lord Larkspear/His Bride, Lady Larkspear
Setting: In David's head *winkwink*.

Read in Oct, 2012.
My rating:

                                                 [spoiler alert]

“The Bride of Larkspear” by A Gentleman of Indiscretion was fantastic. This gentleman just made me all hot and bothered, and then, also made me squirm and laugh at the same time. I’m so please to report that this short erotica made me a very happy woman. You might not find plot depth, per say, because it wasn’t meant for something like that. The Bride of Larkspear: A Fitzhugh Trilogy Erotic Novella was all about the raw fantasies of Hastings aka David about Helena. His love letter to her, meant to convey what he couldn’t speak out loud.

Tempting the Bride by Sherry Thomas

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tempting the Bride
Fitzhugh Trilogy #3

Sherry Thomas
Historical Romance
Published in 2012

H/h - David Hillsborough, Viscount Hastings/Helena Fitzhugh
Setting: London, 1896.

Read in Oct, 2012.
My rating:

                                                  [spoiler alert]
He felt like a pilgrim standing on the shores of Lake Sahara, having walked barefoot over hundreds of miles, yet all the hardships forgotten, filled with only wonder and reverence at the marvel of it all.
I couldn’t help but starting with these above lines from Hastings or David’s musings because they struck me quite hard. Tempting the Bride could’ve been an excellent ending to the Fitzhugh Trilogy, even though the other two books were disappointing. But ST cheated me out of it by making it wayyy too short. I thought some aspects of David and Helena’s relationship, along with Helena’s relationship with Bea needed more exploration; a few more chapters would’ve been great!

Book Spotlight and Giveaway: Hear Me by Skye Warren

Friday, October 12, 2012

OMIGOSH! You have no idea how excited I am to have this opportunity to be a part of Hear Me Blog Tour! If you haven't guessed already, Skye Warren is one of my most favorite Erotica authors. This below is basically a Book Spotlight Post on the awesome book 3 of Skye Warren's Dark Erotica Series, Hear Me. I loved that book and Highly Recommended! If you're interested, I've already done a review (here) of Hear Me. In the following you'll find an excerpt of the book in Spotlight and means to connect with the author and buy links for Hear Me. Please don't forget to enter in the giveaway!

Skye Warren has also written a Guest Post for my blog about her Dark Erotica series (here).
Best of Luck!

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