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Guest Post: Into the Woods: A Dark Erotica Primer by Skye Warren, Hear Me Blog Tour

Friday, October 12, 2012

Everyone, please help me welcome Skye Warren, today, in my blog with this following Guest Post about why she writes Dark Erotica. You can also enter with a comment below to win a signed copy of Hear Me.


Into the Woods: A Dark Erotica Primer

Thank you so much for having me today! I have fond memories of this place—Punya was one of the first reviewers for my short BEAUTY TOUCHED THE BEAST. It’s a sweet and sexy erotic romance that has gotten a lot of love since its release last year (and I have a series of sequels planned for early next year, by popular demand).

But I was extra excited when she invited me to talk about my Dark Erotica world. I feel a special gratitude for those who appreciate my Dark Erotica world. Why the favoritism? 

Imagine the deepest, darkest part of your mind… your secret desires and twisted nightmares… then shine a light on them for the world to see. That’s what writing the Dark Erotica series is like for me. Some people connect with it, some are repelled, but to have fans? It’s humbling.

So what’s so great about this dark place?

A hallmark of my Dark Erotica series is that all is not what it seems. One of the most common adjectives I see in reviews is “twisted” (which I love, by the way). Sometimes this means that someone you trust, as the heroine and the reader, may be working for the other side.

This also works the other way. In each story, the heroine is completely broken when the story opens. She’s been worn down, physically and emotionally. At the beginning, it seems almost impossible that she’ll be able to find peace and happiness. And maybe it is.

You’ll have to read to find out exactly what does happen, but I do guarantee an HEA in each of my books. Not everyone who writes dark erotica does so… in fact, some people assume that the term “erotica” means they won’t end up together.

At the very heart, these are stories about romance and healing. What makes them different is where they start. In HEAR ME, we meet the heroine when she can’t remember her past. She can’t speak. All she knows is that she’s a sex slave. And when she wakes up in a cabin, alone with a man, the only way she can survive is through her obedience.

In dark erotica, sexual submission and sadism are only the beginning. It’s not contained to the bedroom or within “safe” negotiations. Power imbalance is a part of the structure. The question is not whether not to accept it, but how to work within it.

Can she find happiness that way? Or maybe the better question is, can you?

If you’re up to the challenge, check out the latest installment in the Dark Erotica series. They can each standalone, and I urge newcomers to start with HEAR ME. If you decide to read it, I would love to know what you think on Facebook or twitter.

Thanks again for having me on Punya Reviews! I’m giving away a few gift cards (see the Rafflecopter widget here).


In addition, one commenter will win a signed print copy of Hear Me

Leave a comment to enter. CONTEST OVER!!!!

Q: What do you like about dark and/or erotic books?

Skye Warren

Awww, thank you Ms. Warren. It was my pleasure. Best of luck with the giveaway everyone. I also recommend that if you still haven't read Beauty Touched the Beast, do so TODAY. It's free, check out my review for more details.


Ana Silva said...

I like books that push the boundaries and make me feel like if I'm riding a roller-coaster. Can't wait to read this! :)

Punya said...

Hi Ana, many thanks for stopping by. Best of luck! :)

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