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A Very Sinful Valentine by Charlotte Featherstone

Monday, February 27, 2012

A Very Sinful Valentine
A followup of Sinful, A Valentine's Day special for the fans

Charlotte Featherstone
Historical Romance/Erotica
Published in 2012

H/h - Matthew, the Duke of Torrington/Jane, the Duchess of Torrington
Setting: 5/6 years after Sinful.

Read in Feb, 2012.
My rating:

                                                                [spoiler alert]

Holy f*ck!
“But this night is not through. We’ve made love. And now, to the bed, where the f*cking will commence.”

So, here goes my pathetic attempt at gaining Matthew’s attentions:

My Dearest Sinful (and Pervert) Valentine,

Now that you have me rubbing my thighs together and shifting in my chair, come and shag the living daylight outta me.

Love you.

Always your shameless hussy,

Now to the original story. I knew there was supposed to be a short Valentine’s Day special story but sadly, I didn’t get CF’s newsletter and so I’m late in reading this. But doesn’t matter. I love my dose of Matthew any hour of the day, any day of the week, anytime in of the month. And God, how I loved reading about him and Jane and getting more glimpses of their life together.

This takes place sometimes after Sinful: Epilogue. Jane just had Blossom a few months ago. Since this is her only pregnancy at an advanced age, Jane is feeling insecure about herself. She thinks motherhood has wrought big changes on her personality, just as it did to her body. I believe it was postpartum depression, but I might be wrong. She definitely thinks she won’t be good enough for Matthew anymore. Knowing what Matthew used to be, I wasn’t shocked by Jane’s insecurities. It was a depressing read. Jane doesn’t let Matthew make love to her the way they used to before, all wild and for long hours. This is Matthew’s worst nightmare. He’s cranky and going insane. Even talking to Lindsay doesn’t help much. He has all in life; the family he always wanted, the love he needed… and yet, the love of his life is not letting him in her anymore. How can a hedonistic, debauched man like him, who’s a wild bastard when it comes to his wife, endure this?

Hmm, so he does a little something... a letter with naughty little bits of his fantasies *fans herself*. God, this man is still SO HOT, he has me panting after him, again, like he had Jane.

F*cking pervert, how I love and adore him!

On a bit of an off note: I was thinking of Derek and the last scene of Dreaming of You. I know from reviews and discussions that many had problem with that scene, which I thought was freakin’ HOT, because it was Derek (who always makes my knees go weak, much like Matthew) and Sara, whom I adore as much as Jane.

I do believe I’m gonna go and smoke now. Damn that man! Both of them! Grr.

5 stars... or, should I rather say ♥♥♥♥♥?

If you want to read this quick, hot novella, try this link but I’ll still recommend that you sign up for CF’s newsletter by visiting her website if you haven’t already. She has promised more such goodies for the future. For more information, check out her blog post.

BTW: We need another nicely done up cover for this one. I won’t mind seeing Matthew’s breeches hugging butt one more time. Muhahaha


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