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Amethyst Heat by Laura ‘Highland Hussy’ Hunsaker

Monday, October 24, 2011

Amethyst Heat (novella)
A free installment

Laura ‘Highland Hussy’ Hunsaker
Medieval Romance/Contemporary/Time Travel
Published in 2011

H/h - Kade MacPherson, the Laird of MacPherson/Meg McMurray
Setting: Oklahoma/the Highlands, Scotland, year unknown.

Read in Oct, 2011.
My rating:

                                                             [spoiler alert]

Laura, what is this? A teaser? Are you kidding me woman? Where’s the rest of this? Grrrrr!!

I’m glad to say it was a really good introduction for me to Laura Hunsaker aka our Highland Hussy’s writing. I’ve been meaning to read Highland Destiny for sometimes now (and I will, soon I hope) so when this came out as a free read, I jumped! I got distracted by my other reading plans but I should’ve read it as soon as I got the link. Anyway, no point in whining about it now. As you can see from my earlier gibberish that I wanted more. Yes! 6 pages aren’t enough Laura! I felt I’m getting into something magical and boom, you slap Urquhart on my dreamy face (not to mention one gorgeous green-eyed hunky Highlander, reminds me of a certain someone though ;) ) and I’m now hanging there without a balance. You don’t know at all that I’m screaming in frustration... Yah, that’s right! Call me silly or a drama queen or whatever you like.

Anyway, back to the story, this novella is very short (wee bit o’ Highlander fun... btw where is the hot hot love scene?) so it feels like I’m reading it in the middle of a novel. Meg is lost from Oklahoma and time travel back to the Highlands. She doesn’t know it of course and the men in kilts who came to inspect kinda makes her uneasy. Yet one of them catches her eye, Kade, the Laird of MacPherson; the aforementioned green-eyed hunk. She rides hard to lose them mainly, throwing a challenge at them. Kade can’t resist of course. But, soon realizes she’s not in Oklahoma. The amethyst ring, an ancestral gift from her aunt Gilly starts giving signals when Kade catches up with her. They talk. The centuries old past comes flooding back to Meg as Kade recognizes the ring and start calling her ‘my love’ and that he’s been waiting for her for a long time…

So, again, where’s the rest of this?

4 stars:
Hunky Highlanders in kilts, ✔
Insanely beautiful Highlands, ✔
Urquhart Castle (or any Highland castle for that matter), ✔

And keep them coming! ;) hahahaha

“Amethyst Heat” is a free installment, can be read at NewConceptsPublishing.

Couldn’t help posting a pic of that certain someone. I know, he’s not in kilts but I love it anyway. :D

Gerry in Shorts ;)


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