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101 Degrees Fahrenheit by Eva Gale

Monday, October 31, 2011

101 Degrees Fahrenheit (novella)
A free installment

Eva Gale
Contemporary Romance/Erotica
Published in 2009

H/h - Dean Roberts/Kathy Roberts
Setting: Present day.

Read in Oct, 2011.
My rating:

                                                                     [spoilers alert]

In her barber shop, Kathy was just trimming a man, a last customer. This man is really handsome and been in her shop many times. It seems like she knows absolutely nothing of the man but is attracted to him. So is he, apparently. Kathy is a mother (I wasn’t sure at that point married or single) and runs this business of hers so she’s very busy and sex hasn’t been the top priority for a long while. It’s too hot outside, 101 degrees to be precise. The AC is broken and this starts their casual banter which led to something else. Now they’re willing to take this to the next level, just like that, so casually...

Or was it that casual?

Gotta say I’ve never cared for casual sex and more often than not, erotica do deal with such stuff. I’ve read EG’s two other short stories and loved them both. They’re very different, theme and plot-wise. Not to mention I really like her writing style. I think she writes the best of short erotic stories. So, as I read the 1st chapter (the information above) I wasn’t sure what to think. And then, came the 2nd chapter with the stranger’s identity and bammmm, I was struck dumb; mostly because I wasn’t expecting this at all. Maybe I should’ve but it really took me by surprise. Then for two more chapters, I loved their love play, the problems they were facing at the moment and how they decided to deal with it. It was interesting; if I want to discuss the whys and hows, I have to give away a lot but this being a short story, I won’t. I want the surprise to stay as it is. 4 stars.

So, read it. I recommend the other two novellas, Hysteria and The Seduction of Gabriel Stewart, too (both free and available at smashwords. You can read my reviews here too). I don’t know why she doesn’t write full-length novels!

“101 Degrees Fahrenheit”  is a free short read that contains 4 chapters and some hot scenes to go with it. It’s available at smashwords.

PS: Funny but totally off-topic, this came out on my birthday. Couldn’t help noticing lolz. :p


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