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Guest Post and Giveaway: Must Have Qualities of a Western Historical Romance Hero by Linda Broday, Author of Forever His Texas Bride

Friday, December 04, 2015

Today, I'm delighted to host author Linda Broday, and a guest post I think those of you who love western romances would enjoy a lot. She talks about the 3 must have qualities in her western historical romance heroes (I think I'm quite familiar with those myself having read the Bachelors of Battle Creek series). Alongside, also find a promo on the final installment of this series, Forever His Texas Bride-- the long awaited story of Brett Liberty, the remaining bachelor and brother to Cooper and Rand. My ARC review will be up anytime during this week.

There is a giveaway of a print paperback of Forever His Texas Bride, courtesy of Sourcebooks. To see if you're eligible to enter the giveaway, visit the rafflecopter widget below. Please note that the giveaway ends on December 19, 2015. I'd also recommend liking Punya Reviews facebook page to be notified about the winner.
What 3 Qualities Must a Western Historical Romance Hero Have?

I love writing western historical heroes. The cowboys on the American frontier were among the toughest kind of men in my opinion. The ones I write about must always have honor, physical strength and compassion. There are more but these are the main ones.

My heroes set certain rules for themselves and never betray their personal code. They have the courage to do what’s right no matter what they face. He has the belief that his actions represent more than just himself and his deep convictions often hurtle him into danger. In FOREVER HIS TEXAS BRIDE, Brett Liberty, a half-breed who’s hated and despised for his heritage, fights to save a group of sick Comanche orphans. He knows that bringing them to his Wild Horse Ranch will incite people’s wrath but he’s willing to face whatever he must. He won’t let his neighbor and an army of like-minded people kill these innocents even though the odds are greatly against him. Brett can’t betray his innate sense of what is right. He’ll face death if he has to, but he won’t turn back from the course he’s set.

My men must have not only physical, but mental strength. He’s possessed with a god-awful dogged determination to succeed in his quest and nothing will stop him. Brett Liberty will ride through hell to do what’s right. He’s encountered hate and prejudice all his life, although not on the level he faces in this book. As a boy in an orphanage, he was once chained to the fence and left without food or water, his punishment for trying to escape. And yet, he kept trying until he along with his brothers made it. He has an unyielding hardness about him that makes him a dangerous foe. The villain in this book finds out just how dangerous Brett can be.I just love making bad guys pay for what they do so I took great satisfaction in this story.

But even though my cowboys might have honor and strength in spades, he’s incomplete without compassion and kindness. Beneath the hardness, deep in his core lies tenderness. He can be as rough around the edges as a dried piece of leather, yet he treats women, children and animals with the utmost care. Though Brett stands toe to toe with men filled with hate and prejudice, his gentleness with Rayna, the orphans and his wild mustangs makes my heart melt. He shows the depth of his heart right off in the first of this book. Abigoted sheriff shoots him and throws him in jail. Then he begins building a gallows, intent on hanging him. In the midst of all this, Brett shows Rayna such kindness. She’s in the next cell and he sees how wounded and betrayed she is by life, her father and people. Because of her father’s profession, she’s been spit on and reviled and Brett immediately puts his problems aside in an effort to give her hope.

In this Bachelors of Battle Creek series, Cooper Thorne, Rand Sinclair and now Brett have shown great heart and a toughness reminiscent with true cowboys of yesteryear. If you haven’t tried this series yet, I suggest you start with Texas Mail Order Bride, follow with Twice a Texas Bride and end with FOREVER HIS TEXAS BRIDE. I think you’ll fall in love with these men like I did.
Forever His Texas Bride
(Bachelors of Battle Creek #3)
Linda Broday
Published: December 1, 2015 by Sourcebooks Casablanca

“There’s this thing between us that refuses to die. I’d like nothing better than to be able to…” His words faded. He’d give anything to change people’s views about his race…to be able to make her his wife.
But the world wasn’t that simple. Not for people like them.

All his life, Brett Liberty has straddled two worlds: white and Iroquois. The only place he’s truly at peace is with his wild mustangs. But after he’s arrested for the color of his skin, he discovers Rayna Harper in the cell next to him. Rough and tumble Rayna has known little kindness, but Brett sees the depth of her heart hidden beneath layers of hurt and fear, and he refuses to leave without her.

Fierce and loyal, kind and strong, Rayna is everything Brett has ever wanted. But the world doesn’t look kindly on a love like theirs, and he would rather let her go than bring her pain. Yet when the demons of his past threaten her future, Brett realizes he will do anything to keep Rayna safe…and make her his.
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About the Author:

At a young age, Linda Broday discovered a love for storytelling, history, and anything pertaining to the Old West. Cowboys fascinate her. There’s something about Stetsons, boots, and tall rugged cowboys that get her fired up!

A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Linda has won many awards, including the prestigious National Readers’ Choice Award and the Texas Gold Award. She now resides in the panhandle of Texas on the Llano Estacado.

Author Links:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads
(Note: I received this guest post+promo info from the publisher, Sourcebooks. ~Punya)


Linda Broday said...

Hi Punya Reviews.......Thanks so much for having me. I'm excited to be here talking about my cowboys. I had to do a lot of thinking to narrow down the three main qualities a cowboy hero of mine has to have. There are lots more but having his own personal code, physical and mental strength, and honor are at the top of the list and absolutely have to be there.

Out here where I live in the Panhandle of Texas it's known as cowboy country. They're everywhere I turn and they're the same today as they were back in the 1800s. The same squinty gaze that can see more than you often want, that bit of a swagger that comes from having confidence in his abilities and the polite way he speaks to you.

I'm excited about this new book. Half-breed Brett Liberty has always known hate and prejudice, but he's never had a lawman say that the reason for his arrest is simply for being born. With the Indian uprisings still fresh on everyone's mind, hate is at every turn.

So when he sees Rayna Harper in the cell next to him, he's not quite sure what to think. But her gentle ways and caring spirit call to him and he soon finds himself falling in love for the first time in his life.

I think readers will like this story because the message is as timely now as it was then.

cheryl c said...

I enjoyed reading this article. Western romances are a favorite of mine. I admire the heroes for their strength of mind, body, and character.

Punya said...

Ms. Broday, glad to to have you on my blog. I really enjoyed reading the guest post because I could definitely connect with what you wrote having read the series myself. Always great to hear about the characters directly from the author. :)

cheryl c, thanks for stopping by... best of luck! Hope you give this series a try!

Linda Broday said...

Hi Cheryl C.......Thank you so much for coming over. It's great to see you. You and I have lots in common. Keep reading these western romances and let a cowboy steal your heart.

Punya said...

Hi Cheryl C., congratulations! You're the winner of a print paperback of "Forever His Texas Bride". I'll email you in a bit for your snail mail address. Thank you for entering the giveaway. :)

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