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Book Blitz and Excerpt: Caitlin by Miranda Bowden

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Today, I'm featuring a promo and an excerpt from Caitlin by Miranda Bowden, a contemporary dramatic thriller. Note: Caitlin is currently free on amazon, so don't forget to download your copy today!

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/21945216-caitlin---who-is-she-and-who-are-they Caitlin - Who is she and who are they?
Miranda Bowden

A lost and starving teenager, a binge drinking drug addict mother, and a million secrets. Caitlin is a dramatic thriller that takes the reader through three days of horrific circumstances that all lead back to an unforgiving woman run organization mixed up in the lives of the elite.

Caitlin, the story’s main character, has lived with her unexplainable nightmares her whole life only to now find out they’re true. Finding her mother’s diary reveals a life Caitlin never imagined, a life surrounded by lies, evil, and underhandedness delivered by many who were close to her. As she sets out on her quest to discover who she really is, and where she got the six inch long scar across her neck, she quickly finds out that someone else is hoping to get revenge against the same people who hurt her...someone who has known about Caitlin her whole life and the terrifying life she has had to live.

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An Excerpt from Caitlin:

“She read all night forgetting her starvation. Her stomach in knots as it told a gruesome story about her mother’s life. The details growing more descriptive as her own name began to appear on the pages. The stories more terrifying than what she’d actually lived through, or at least remembered living through. Carla could be the devil and a great mother at the same time. The abuse she suffered at her hands was indescribable and her mother had documented everything in that diary. Every punch, kick, and scream. Every ice cold bath, or scorching hot water dip, every cigarette burn and force feeding she’d inflicted on Caitlin. Every inappropriate touch, glare or word directed at her. Caitlin cried bottomless tears. Her scars and burns on display in black and white. Some with smiley faces, some with blurred words that old tears tried to wash away, the details hard to relive. She remembered the times her grandfather would show up unexpectedly saving her from near death.  He would take her for ice cream, buy her a toy or pretty dress, and then return her to the dungeon after Carla had calmed down. Caitlin always wondered if he knew how bad it really was. She didn’t think he would leave her there if he did.”

“Priscilla stared intensely at the girl. She wondered how much Carla had told her about her past. She knew Carla could be cold but for some reason she loved this girl. Caitlin looked up from the floor and into the deep black holes that were Priscilla’s eyes. She saw nothing. Not compassion, not anger, not joy, not anything. Just a mean, strikingly beautiful face that was full of nothing. Caitlin realized she had stared into her eyes a moment too long when her Aunt squeezed her hand again, digging her nails into Caitlin’s flesh as she did. Caitlin snatches her hand from Priscilla’s grip, before standing to walk out of the room. She opens the door to leave only to realize she really had nowhere to go. She searches the hallway and nurses desk for a familiar face, seeing no one until her eyes lock with another dangerous woman she was hoping to never cross paths with again. Tessa’s mom”

“The first punch to her stomach felt shallow, his fist splitting her wound wide revealing her inner workings. The second blows more extreme as he coordinated his punches to deliver more damage. Priscilla tried curling in a ball to protect herself but her movements weren’t quick enough. Her organs parted ways as the force of his fist sent tingles up her spine. The pain came crashing down, her body convulsing from the shock. Blood gurgled in her mouth. She tried spitting it out but its thickness only created a slow drool. The punches kept coming.

He moved from her stomach to her face. She heard him wince in pain when his knuckles dealt the final crack to her nose. A welcome pause in his attack to recover from an ill delivered landing. The pause short lived as his fists returned to the right side of her face, her temple throbbing from the pummeling. The squeak of the officers shoes in the hallway perked her ears again. A faint knock at the door and a small crack of light shown in to the dimly lit room. Her tormenters hands stopped moving, his breath labored and deep as he watched the officer invade their moment. “

“Brett jerked his elbow from the man’s grip and ran on. The crunch of the leaves under his feet alerting whomever he was approaching because just as he rounded the backside of the trailer a bat swung at him. Luckily, he ducked at that split second and was missed by inches. The bat connecting with the side of the trailer, sending shock waves up the arms of his assailant, causing him to instantly drop it. Brett reached for the bat as it hit the ground and returned the swing connecting with the man’s face.

Out of the corner of his eye he spots a girl curled in the fetal position lying on the ground. Her feet covered in mud, her shirt ripped open, and her panties were around her ankles. The man moaned, holding his hand to his face as he rose to his feet, wobbling toward Brett trying to grab at the bat. Brett swung again, this time hitting the man in his left knee. The man crumbled to the ground screaming out in pain. Fear and anger boiled inside of Brett as he hit the man again on his back, his adrenaline driving his decisions. He was only 14 and had just attacked a man in the woods.

The girl’s muffled tears and sobs brought him out of his thoughts. He ran to her side, pulling her shirt closed as he consoled her. Her arms covering her face as she cried harder. He tried picking her up but she was taller and heavier than he was. He begged her to stand and run with him but she wouldn’t move. He pulled her arms away from her face and that’s when he saw her. Ella Sims. The prettiest girl in the whole 8th grade was lying there in his arms and he had saved her just like a superhero would’ve.”
About the Author:

Miranda Bowden wrote her first story at age eight about a mushroom invasion of earth. These days, the native Angeleno’s stories have outgrown veggie-tales about the planet’s destruction to include her breakout novel Caitlin, a thrilling story of family secrets, nightmares and secret societies. Born second to the last of six girls and one boy, writing became an outlet for Bowden, defining her creative spirit amongst her equally talented siblings. Growing up between the LA Hollywood scene and spending their summers in the artsy world of the Bay Area, her free-spirited parents exposed them to culture, ingenuity and a fearlessness to push the envelope.

An adventurous thrill seeker, who has been skydiving and has plans to bungee jump from the tallest point she can find, Bowden celebrates “living a life with no regrets,” every day. Known for bringing people together inextraordinary ways, she can be found in the middle of a writing circle pushing her fellow artists, or “getting dirty” camping, fishing and hiking with her friends and family.

Bowden studied engineering at California State University, Northridge, and later began her career working for the heads of several Fortune 500 companies, in human resources and finance. No matter her day job, though, Bowden has always remained a committed writer, developing stories that speak to unique  human experiences.

When she’s not writing, Bowden can be found searching for inspiration at live jazz concerts, traveling, in the kitchen cooking for family and friends or out and about living life and stimulating all who cross her path. She lives in Inglewood, California with her daughter.

Author Links:
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