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Rough To Ride by Justine Elvira

Monday, March 24, 2014

Rough To Ride (novella)
A free installment

Justine Elvira
Contemporary Romance/Erotica
Published in 2014

H/h - Maverick/Trixie
Setting: Present time.

Read in March, 2014.
My rating:

                                                [might be spoiler-ish]

Haven’t read anything by Justine Elvira prior to reading Rough to Ride. I was looking for something hot and short, this fit the criteria just fine. Moreover, this was a freebie so I went ahead and downloaded it.

The story starts with a girl, who introduces herself as Trixie, waiting for someone to pick her up from a highway where her car apparently broke down. In comes Maverick, the hot biker who picks her up and gives her quite the ‘ride’, just the way she likes it. Ooh la-la! Now, the beginning made me a little confused, leading me to think Trixie was cheating on her longtime boyfriend........ until I got to the last part. I had a feeling about what they were doing and was really glad that I was correct. Cheating is a big no-no in my list.

Though I felt I would’ve loved to know more about ‘Trixie’ and ‘Maverick’, after reading the author note, I understand why the author doesn’t want to expand this to a longer story. 3.5 stars.

PS: I do agree that a girl sometimes just needs a quickie. Both literally and... er, as a quickie read. LOL

“Rough To Ride” can be downloaded from smashwords in various formats.


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