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His Mortal Soul by a.c. Mason

Sunday, June 16, 2013

His Mortal Soul (novella)

a.c. Mason
Contemporary Romance/Paranormal/Erotica
Published in 2012 [requested review]

H/h - Deacon Lorcan Kieran/Sephora Silverman
Setting: Present time.

Read in June, 2013
My rating:

                                                  [spoiler alert]

a.c. Mason’s erotic paranormal romance, His Mortal Soul was a short and quick read. I liked the premised quite a lot, even though Vampires aren’t my thing. Liked the author’s writing too, as she very ably held my interest throughout the story.

One of the best things of this story was definitely the H, Kieran. He was just so sweet and good, though a little confused about his life’s purpose. Initially, I thought that the h, Sephora was a tortured soul who needed some salvation. But as I read on, I could see that both Kieran and Sephora needed to become one-another’s balm from the pain life caused them.

What confused me a little was the starting of the story. Sephora is in Ireland and studying in a university. She lives alone and hasn’t been with any man ever since something distressing happened to her a couple of years earlier. So when some guy made her all drunk on an outing to have his way with her, Kieran comes to her rescue. He was introduced to her after an incident earlier and has been watching her for sometimes now. There’s something about Sephora that Kieran can’t deny. He’s attracted to her with all his being, even that demon that lurks inside him. It wants her, and in every sort of wrong way possible.

When Sephora is saved, she recognizes Kieran. She also acknowledges that she’s attracted to him, something that surprised her a little... understandably, sex hasn’t been her priority for a while. But Kieran is sexy and he speaks Gaelic so soothingly, all Sephora can do is to melt. As he escorts her to her apartment, Kieran and Sephora talk. And the talks lead to something else entirely.

Kieran is going to be sworn into priesthood the next day. He’s also a vampire, and so, he’s basically waiting for his death. He knows he can’t have any kind of future with her anyway. What if she knows his real identity? So, being with Sephora, bathing in her shining light might be his only way to salvation, even if for such a short time. And this is what he wants to remember as the last thing he did on Earth. Kieran could also detect the imprint of Sephora’s past, which makes him sad and absolutely angry on her behalf. He vows to help her through it so that she remembers their time as something special.

Now, I was confused about some things; some of these were answered in the end, some didn’t. When did Kieran become a vampire? How long has he been living in this earth? But he hasn’t obviously aged much. I’m still not sure if his transformation happened a long time ago or not. Also, how come he was still a virgin? Umm, maybe because I haven’t read a lot of vampire novels, I got a bit confused about it. I always thought sex and drinking blood is something they can’t go without at all. Most especially if those are done together. Here, things didn’t seem that way for Kieran.

Honestly, I was glad that she was his first. And I thank the author for making the love scenes, especially the ones with that specific ritual, so sexy because I never liked it before in the few vampire books I’ve read. Absolutely detested it when OWs where involved in this with the H. In here, it seemed so very special because Kieran was sharing this experience with Sephora only, and she really wanted to become the only person he turns to for his needs; all kinds.

I think a few more pages would’ve made this story a little solid, especially on the romance part. I would’ve loved to see their attraction grow gradually but here, Kieran and Sephora’s romance/declaration of love felt a bit too rushed for my liking. And the possibility of Sephora’s immortality to be with Kieran? Well, I don’t know what to think of that. 3.75 stars, and I’m going to look into some more of ACM’s other works later.

I was provided a review copy by the author in exchange of an honest review. I’d like to thank her for it. 


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