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Helene Blackmailed by Elliot Mabeuse

Monday, December 19, 2011

Helene Blackmailed

Elliot Mabeuse

Contemporary Romance/Erotica (BDSM)
Published in 2008

H/h - Daniel/Helene Blanchard
Setting: Present time.


Read in Dec, 2011. 
My rating:

                                                      [spoiler alert]

I don’t know, every time I finish one of Dr. Mabeuse’s books, I totally go tra-la-la-la-la. Don’t look at me like that! I’m amazed to find he can play with my mind like he does with his characters. The situation was entirely creepy... EM does great creepy situations, I find that I like those ‘creepy’ situations *stares out the window with a blank look* but in RL, I’ll definitely freak out and would be calling the cop first. But, this is not RL so I was safe to think that some good shagging with a hot blackmailer is just the thing I need, er, Helene needs. Lol

As it’s mentioned in the blurb, this book is about blackmailing for sex, about a man who craves BDSM but didn’t know he had the streak until he saw this businesswoman on top of her game (or so I figured, not much was said about her job except that she’s quite successful in whatever it is she does). The situation Helene finds herself in, I don’t sympathize with her. I mean what kinda woman sits on a rooftop, masturbating?! *shakes head* The man, whom we only know as Daniel, takes her snaps from some other building and starts blackmailing her. Helene didn’t know that Daniel saw her more than once when some dealing was going on with his company and hers. Helene never gave him a second thought and it was never revealed when and how he saw her the 1st time. She goes to meet him in a roadside shady motel and you can guess what happens. Now, no matter what happened, at first Helene is shocked. Then Helene finds she likes the way The Doctor (Yah very funny Dr. Mabeuse! This is the 2nd book by you where I find a Doctor waiting for me, ermm... *blinks*) treats her; rough and wild, which makes her feel vulnerable yet very desirable. Helene never had inclination to BDSM but Daniel brings out a different personality in her (not that I agreed with all of those thoughts).

Ok, I liked that this book didn’t have much BDSM prop usage, which makes me uncomfortable but I did like the intensity of the sex scenes. Daniel was creepy and hot (Good lord, what’s wrong with me!) and much older than Helene, whom I guessed was somewhere in her late 20s or early 30s. He was, I believe, somewhere in his mid to late 40s (because I read he has gray peppered hair and beard, I didn’t want to think he was somewhere in his 50s... eek!). My main complaint was that it was too short (4 chapters with about 90 or so pages), we get a few hot hot sex scenes but not much background info or anything about any of the characters, especially Daniel, whose surname wasn’t even revealed, who stays mostly in the shadows. And then, although I believed the intensity of their relationship, I don’t know where it’s really going. The ending felt so abrupt to me. I could’ve rated it better if it was longer and gave me more insights.

Anyway, 3.5 stars, guess I’m getting used to with Dr. Mabeuse’s dosage. heehee

Warning: Might not be for people who don’t like BDSM in any form.


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