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Yours Until Dawn by Teresa Medeiros

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yours Until Dawn

Teresa Medeiros
Historical Romance
Published in 2004

H/h - Gabriel Fairchild, the Earl of Sheffield/Cecily March
Setting: Buckinghamshire/London, 1806.

Read in, Jan 2011.
My rating:

Just read 4/5chps. Nothing new yet. Gabriel is a sexy blond, crazy ... blind babe ... Love the combination. Now, have to see just how much can I handle his explosions (of rage, anger among other things ;) ) Hmm ... Still not sure about Samantha. This one's got pretty mixed reviews so have to wait and see. :)
Nothing too surprising about this one. Still, likable. TM's writing is just so, you just can't put it down. I love Gabe the babe, he's a romantic at heart. Samantha is likable too; I like their chemistry, their banters, the way she handles him!! ;) I loved Sam the dog a lot, some of the scenes including him is so funny ... Well, you just have to read to find out. Also, love the secondary characters, the servants of the Fairchild Park. :)

After many 'this' and 'that', they've finally done 'it' and Gabe has proposed to Samantha. And, I also know (I've sort of left it there) she's going to do the TSTL thing and leave. Sad, really. Poor guy just thought he found the love of his life, again and might get back his vision. :/ Which takes me to some intriguing questions like who is Samantha? Is she anyway related to Cecily (Gabe's 1st love)? Samantha doesn't acknowledge anything but ... I have an idea, let's see if it fits!

No the idea didn't fit. Sadly, in the end it was nothing different/unusual. I have a lot of questions about many things. The first of all would be, how come Gabe couldn't even recognize her? Cecily must have missed her calling for the stage! Was she that good an actress? Then, how come he made love to her in her guise as well as herself, still couldn't understand it was her? Good lord! I know the 1st time he was blind still I would've thought ... Oh, never mind! Arghh.

TM tried to answer some of it but they just don't answer it all. Now, let's not go into any of that. I've read the reviews and now I understand what they were all talking about. It's 3.5 for me since I liked the epilogue. No, don't get me wrong. I didn't dislike it but wasn't exactly wowed by it. After reading Nobody's Darling, this feels simply mediocre! 

To people to whom this one was TM's first book and weren't very impressed, do not let this book fool you. Read her other novels, single ones to be specific. Trust me you won't be disappointed! :)


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