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Sinful: Epilogue by Charlotte Featherstone

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sinful: Epilogue
A free installment of Sinful

Charlotte Featherstone
Historical Romance/Erotica
Published in 2010

H/h - Matthew, now The Duke of Torrington/Jane, The Duchess of Torrington
Setting:Worcestershire, 1857.

Read in June, 2011.

My rating:

                                                            [spoiler alert]

Yes! This epilogue gave me all I needed to feel at peace. But at first, I’d like to thank Ms. Featherstone for being so honest about what happened and also knowing, we who loved Sinful so much, would definitely want to see our Matthew and Jane happy. So, thank you very much Ms. Featherstone, for providing us with it.

Jane and Matthew is seen here 5 years after Sinful. And, yes, they’re finally married. Matthew has become the Duke 3 years ago, divorced his first wife, who’s now in America. He now lives with Jane, Sarah and his son from the first marriage, Edward. A beautiful family, something he never thought he’ll ever have. I loved seeing him as the ‘protective papa’ and a delightfully wicked husband to Jane. Jane is blissfully happy, knowing her decision was just right for all of them. Edward doesn’t miss his birth mother, because to him Jane is his mother and Jane never gave him anything to doubt for. I also loved seeing Anais and Lindsay, with their two sons Jase and Samuel. It was a sunny day, they were all together and ... Well, it was perfect! And then, Jane reveals what she’d been hoping for a long long time, to be the mother of Matthew’s baby (and I don't blame her at all since I want the position myself!), who’ll also be her own. Her wish comes true. Great epilogue with a hoooot love scene ... Ooh Matthew, he’s delish! :p

Oh, well, just read it. I grinned ear-to-ear while reading it and I know I’ll miss them for sure. 5 happy stars!

PS: I had this morbid curiosity about what happened to that dirty b*tch, who hurt Matthew so much. Nothing was mentioned but I guess, it’s for the best. It was already hard for me to tone down my unrestrained urge to see her killed or kill her myself ... *zips her mouth shut!*

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Anonymous said...

Oh thank you for this. I've been trying to get a hold of the epilogue, but her website is down at the moment. After everything that happened in the book, I just wanted them to be happy together and I'm really glad that they get to have that.

Punya said...

Glad to be of help. I hope you get to read the epilogue itself. Worth every page of it! :p

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