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Shadows and Lace by Teresa Medeiros

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shadows and Lace

Teresa Medeiros
Medieval Romance
1st published in 1990

H/h - Sir Gareth of Caerleon/Rowena Fordyce
Setting: England, 1298.

Read in Dec, 2010.
My rating:

There are a few things I guessed from the prologue of this book and I have to say, I can't accept what happened between Gareth and his step-mother, just so ... ewwwww!! Really, it's so freakin abnormal, I don't care that he was 14 (14??, oh lord!!) and she was a real b*tch, in every way!! And I also have another suspicion about Rowena but have to see as I go.

Now Gareth, no matter the aforementioned 'ewww' stuff, is confusing me a lot. It's an ambivalent situation for me, I wanna hate him but I can't yet I can't shake off that 'ewww' part ... Kinda too much for my delicate sensibilities!

Rowena is so gullible, I would've love to see a little more spirit from her but she is already halfway in love with him (kinda like me ... Arghhh!! Tortured soul and all that :/)

On to chp 9 and I'm hooked but I know I'll have that weird sensation all through the book. :s

Onto the 3rd part now, forgot the chp, I'm so totally hooked and oh so jealous of Rowena! There I've said it. Even through all those eww stuff, I love Gareth and his intense feelings for Rowena, kinda reminds me of Lisa Kleypas heroes. I don't have enough lines to talk about Gareth, no matter what he is or how people see him.

Rowena, on the other hand, is a disappointment to me ... too bland! I liked Gelina better for her spirit, I'm yet to see anything from Rowena's part.

Love scenes were awesome, even those that were comparably in explicit ... I love a man like that whose action says it all. :)

As I said, I am jealous of Rowena and ... Can't concentrate on anything. *sigh*

Ok, why oh why there was nothing abt Marlys in the end? I was so much more interested in her than Rowena! I didn't fall for the joust and other stuff to show her someone with a little bit of spirit. I found Rowena ... well, I said before ... boring!!!!!!!!! But, Blaine and Marlys DESERVE their own book with their history, it was so frustrating to see nothing, since Blaine was such a rakish character, even more than Gareth (no offense to you babe!), and Marlys was so interesting, with her manly clothes and attitude. She's got spirit but in the end ... I don't know, just not fair!! Why oh why .... ??? :(

Gareth, Gareth, Gareth ... I still don't have enough lines to say abt you except the fact that Rowena is so boring, what the heck did you find in her?? grrrr I don't care that you f*^&$# your b*tch of a step-mommy!! You are SO GOOD (in every way I can think of :p)!!!! *sigh*

It really wasn't fair what was done to Marlys, I'm still in shock that nothing was resolved between Blaine and her ... I have read other novels with very interesting secondary characters and things being resolved makes it so much more exciting. This and also because of my utter boredom at Rowena and a little 'twist' about her parentage, which just makes her relationship with Gareth a bit more than weird IMO (reminds me of one of Dinjolina's very interesting shelves lmao, not OK with me!), I'm giving it a 4; otherwise it would've been a 5 for me.


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