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Nobody's Darling by Teresa Medeiros

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nobody's Darling

Teresa Medeiros
Historical Romance/Western
Published in 1998

H/h - Billy Darling/Esmerelda Fine
Setting: England/New Mexico, 1878.

Read in Jan, 2011.
My rating:

Note: *sigh* is all I can say or do about this book, one of the few westerns I've read. Beautiful in one word! :)

When I heard it's an western, I immediately thought I'd read Yours Until Dawn before this one but hey, so glad I didn't! It's fun. Naughty, wicked fun to be precise! And really funny in places.

Billy is a darling for sure, blonde green-gray eyed one at that ;) ... I love Esmerelda, another brown hair and eyed heroine! :p I admire her already. Billy is making me all fuzzy hihihihi. Kinda reminding me of A Whisper of Roses with his brothers, the Darling gang and all. The plot is interesting as well as the setting. Though I have a few questions about a few things and would've love to see some of the scenes differently, overall I have no objections yet. On the 14th chp now, waiting to find out what happens when they find Bart aka Bartholomew, Esme's brother. :)

Absolutely LOVING IT, until the 3rd part of course. There I'm kinda down now! WHY BILLY? ARGHH!!! I mean what a journey it was ... all of it! From the discovery of Bart, you getting hurt, Esme nursing you back in health, your loco family, Bart leaving to the crazy proposal and the love scene(s) afterwards ... Loved it all. But, why oh why? Esme loves you so much (I can't even be jealous of her, you two belong to each-other and I really like her a lot). Now, you're going to England when you heard she's going to marry an 'old lech' who courted her mother which made her mom ran away with her dad. I hope you stop acting like a butt head and do something about it.

Also enjoying the subplot of Esme's granddad and aunt. The aunt might be having something with the Sheriff ... Oh, what fun! :p

Really this one is so worth it all, I'm loving it so damn much ... Oh, ok said it all I guess. Hopefully gonna finish tonight. :)

Ohhhh myyyyy! This maybe my most fav TM book, really. So so beautiful. I just can't not give it a 5star, I knew I will. Billy and Esme, two peas in a pod! :p And the epilogue, so different from what I've read before. Very nice. Left me sighing and a bit more than curious about Esme (the great-great granddaughter of our Esme and Billy) and Dix.

Ah, all the good things always come to an end. :(

The last paragraph of the book tugged at my heart, I knew without even looking down what those two words would be ... Ah, so sweet. Made me so wistful... *sigh*


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