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My Fair Mistress by Tracy Anne Warren

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Fair Mistress
Mistress Trilogy #3

Tracy Anne Warren
Historical Romance
Published in 2007

H/h - Rafe Pendragon, later Baron Pendragon/Lady Julianna Hawthorne
Setting: London, 1812.

Read in Feb, 2011.

My rating: 4 out of 5

                                                                      [spoiler alert]

Just read 4/5 chps and have to say, it started off very good. I LOVE the heroine, Julianna. Dark hair-eyed with a 'goddess' body (according to Rafe :p). Well, not only that, I'm just liking her a lot, temperament and all. Rafe is intriguing, dark haired and vivid green-eyed. I'd love to discover more about him as I progress! ;) Love scene, the only one I've read so far was yum! OK, gotta hop on to bed now and read ... :p
Love scenes are absolutely crazy! I want Rafe ... rwarrrr!! ;p

About halfway done. Now, it is going slow for my style, there are a few reasons but wont go there because those are just me lolz. So far it's good, Rafe is just too good, really. I love this guy. Julianna is sweet. The scene where he talks about his dead fiancee Pamela is really really heartbreaking, I was very sad to read what happened to the girl. Can't wait to find out what happens next.

So, I do agree with some of the reviews in GoodReads. 1st half was really good; 2nd half, not so much. Only if they talked, all these misunderstandings would've never happened. I know that the way things were and they got married, the trust they shared could've been shaken. But it's just that ... bah!, really kinda frustrating. So, it took me a while to finish this book. I really liked both Rafe and Julianna in the 1st half, they seemed very sensible. After they married, their brain turned into mush, literally! They both were stubborn about things ... sometimes just made me roll my eyes ... Well, it's 4 because, I really loved Rafe the babe and some things he did were very sweet which includes his reactions toward Julianna's pregnancy ... all of it. Loved the epilogue and now, very interested to know about his friends Ethan and Anthony.

I have something to say about Burton. Some of his dilemmas I could sympathize with (father having 'another family' and 'preferring' that family, mother crying/depressed because of that), think I can understand how he turned out as he did in the end. He wasn't a justifiable villain IMO. No, I didn't like him of course, and the things he did were loathsome but somewhere in my mind, doubts were niggling 'til the end.


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