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Release Blitz: Lured to Paradise by Macy Butler

Friday, July 29, 2022

I'm hosting a promo, today, on Macy Butler's latest release, Lured to Paradise (Paradise Key #3), as a part of the ongoing release blitz tour. check it out! Note that Lured to Paradise is free on kindle unlimited!!
Lured to Paradise
Macy Butler
(Paradise Key #3)
Published: July 26, 2022

Violet Monroe chose life on a tiny island to get as far away from her cheating ex and her meddling family as she could.
She didn’t need them, or anyone.
Especially not Hayden Kincaid.
Bouncing from city to city with a girl in every one, he was a playboy like all the rest.
And running from memories of ghosts in his past, his baggage was way over the weight limit. Worse, he was Violet’s best friend’s brother. Total kryptonite.
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Book Blast and Giveaway: Love Blooms in Morning Star by Charlotte Hubbard

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Today, I'm hosting a promo on Charlotte Hubbard's latest release, Love Blooms in Morning Star (The Maidels of Morning Star #4) , as a part of the ongoing book blast tour. Also find an excerpt for your enjoyment.

Charlotte Hubbard will be awarding a $15 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.
Love Blooms in Morning Star
Charlotte Hubbard
(The Maidels of Morning Star #4)
Published: July 26, 2022 by Zebra Books 

As Jo Fussner keeps the Marketplace humming, her heart dances with a joyous secret. Jo and Michael Wengerd, a shy nursery owner from a nearby town, have fallen hopelessly in love. When Michael buys a courting buggy, Jo is sure a proposal will follow. But she’ll have to work hard to gain her mother’s approval—because the widowed Drusilla Fussner is convinced that marriage will bring her daughter nothing but heartache.

To win Jo’s hand, Michael enlists his father’s help in convincing Drusilla to give the marriage her blessing—and perhaps even open her heart to new happiness of her own. . . . But just as Jo and Michael’s hope for their future grows, an even bigger obstacle looms. The Amish elders vote to forbid any maidel from working once she marries. Now Jo must choose between the beloved store she’s put her heart into, and the man she can’t live without. Conflicted, Jo will have to trust that anything is possible when true faith guides the way.

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Amazon | B&N (paperback) | KOBO 

Book Blitz: Refuge for Cherilyn by Deanndra Hall

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

I'm hosting, today, a promo on Deanndra Hall's latest release, Refuge for Cherilyn (Bluegrass Bravery #14), as a part of the ongoing book blitz tour. Check it out! Note that Refuge for Cherilyn is free on kindle unlimited!!
Refuge for Cherilyn
Deanndra Hall
(Bluegrass Bravery #14)
Published: July 12, 2022
Hosted by:
Buoni Amici Press, LLC.


A conservation officer. A single mom. And a growing pile of bodies …

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Conservation Officer Shaw Harrison is still reeling from a nasty divorce. With his ex-wife and daughter states away, he throws himself into his work, trying to numb the pain. But when he discovers a woman and her children hiding in the woods, broken, scared, and defeated, Shaw jumps into action and brings them to sanctuary.

Cherilyn Travis will do anything for her daughters. And when she finds herself as one of the only witnesses to a murder, she knows she must find safety for her children. With a special needs child, her options are limited. Surrendering to the help and kindness of the Kentucky conservation officer is her only option. As Shaw and Cherilyn grow closer, their enemies will do anything to keep them apart. Can Shaw find refuge for Cherilyn, or will his own family pay the price?

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Release Blitz and Giveaway: Given to Him by S.R. Jones

Friday, July 22, 2022

Today, I'm hosting a promo on S.R. Jones's latest release, Given to Him (Club V #2), as a part of the ongoing release blitz tour. Check it out! The giveaway includes a $25 Amazon GC, so don't forget to enter via rafflecopter below. Note that Given to Him is free on kindle unlimited!!


Given to Him
S.R. Jones
(Club V #2)
Published: July 22, 2022


Given as a gift. Kept as a prisoner. Fighting to be a queen.


She was given to me as a gift, with a twist. I was to keep her safe, protect her.
An old friend called in a big favor, and now I have this innocent young woman in my home.
Scared, fragile … tempting.
The lines blur, and the heat between us ignites.
She's my good girl gone bad, and I'll burn the world down to keep her safe.
But as we grow closer, old secrets rise to the surface.
I'm supposed to keep her safe, but she hasn't told me everything.
I can't protect her if I don't know the truth, and soon things take a dangerous turn.
One even my power and money might not be able to fight.

He's my owner. For a few months.
It's all fake, though. Really, he's supposed to protect me.
The trouble is he wants more. I can see it in his hungry gaze.
Worse still, so do I.
Yet the world he inhabits is dangerous and full of sin. Too much for a girl like me.
Then he says three little words, and I'm lost.
"My good girl."
I'll be his good girl in private, but I also want my rightful place by his side.
As his queen.
I won't give up this fight because it is the most important of my life.
Then fate throws us a curveball, and a secret I'd long thought buried resurfaces.
My past and my future are at war. I can only pray my future wins.


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Release Blitz and Giveaway: Rule Bender by B.J. Harvey

Thursday, July 21, 2022

I'm hosting a promo, today, on B.J. Harvey's latest release, Rule Bender (Chicago First Responders #4), as a part of the ongoing release blitz tour. Also find an excerpt and teasers for your enjoyment. The giveaway includes a $30 Amazon GC, so don't forget to enter via rafflecopter below!
Rule Bender
B.J. Harvey
(Chicago First Responders #4)
Published: July 21, 2022

London Kelly is in love with her best friend and has been for years.

Too bad he’s an adorably clueless idiot who a) just doesn’t see what everyone else sees and b) abides by the rule of ‘don’t screw the crew’s sisters, daughters, or exes.' And since London’s dad is his fire captain, that puts her firmly in the do not touch category.

Then one night, London decides to throw caution to the wind and kisses him, finding her unequivocally placed in the friend zone.

That's when London decides that maybe it’s time to move on.

Except fate decides to have the last laugh, calling Luca to the scene of a fire at the very same restaurant where London is on a secret blind date, bringing him face-to-face with the reality that he could lose his girl.

Suddenly all bets are off.

Besides, bending the rules isn’t the same as breaking them… right?
USA Today Bestselling Author BJ Harvey brings you Rule Bender - Book 4 and the last book in a spin-off to the Cook Brothers steamy rom-com series featuring first responders in Chicago who are fighting the good fight and also finding love at the same time. This series can be read as a standalone and is set in the same world as the Bliss and Cook Brothers series before it.
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