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How To Love A Duke in Ten Days by Kerrigan Byrne

Sunday, June 28, 2020

How to Love a Duke in Ten Days 
(Devil You Know #1)

Kerrigan Byrne
Historical Romance
Published in 2019

H/h - Piers Atherton, the Duke of Redmayne/Lady Alexandra Lane
Setting: Devonshire, England, 1890. 
Read in April/May, 2020.
My rating:

                                                       [spoiler alert]

Before beginning my review, would like to mention a **trigger warning** here. There is mention of sexual abuse at the beginning of the book. Not graphic mind you, but enough to turn your stomach so it had taken me quite aback. But the whole scene was handled pretty well by the author so kudos to her.

How To Love a Duke In Ten Days is book 1 of the newest series by Kerrigan Byrne titled Devil You Know. TBH, I was waiting for the latest in her other series, Victorian Rebels, which is a series I’ve come to love over the years. So this new venture left me a bit intrigued. Of course, I was going to check it out no matter what and so glad that I did! Just how do two fools fall in love in 10 days? Well, you’ll just have to read to find out. Devil You Know is also based in the Victorian-era England, much like Victorian Rebels, though I didn’t think there’s any connection between the two. Not yet at least.

When the story opens up, we find our heroine, Alexandra, studying in a school for females named de Chardonne. Located in Switzerland, de Chardonne seemed to be a famous educational institution for the young and affluent females, daughters and such, of the peerage. Alexandra came to be here because of the same. Even if her family’s financial situation was quite dire, as it was mired in deep debts, they still wanted her to be ready for the world. This school would educate her to navigate the world of peerage and such, though Alexandra knew that if her family’s secret is out in the world, she would not be welcomed by the Ton.

Mostly an introvert, Alexandra found friends in two other girls who come from somewhat similarly odd family backgrounds. Cecelia, a tall, pleasantly plump girl who could compete with any valkyrie in her stature. She was gorgeous in her own way but had no idea of her appeal; the bookish sort who sported glasses and saw goodness in everyone. She also had sad family secret that made her life miserable while at home. In de Chardonne, she found friends in Alexandra and Francesca, who, on the other hand, was tall, statuesque and undoubtedly striking. Her family background was a little too complicated, and since it played no big part in this story, I’ll refrain from mentioning it too.

Promo Spotlight: A Royal Second Chance Summer by Viv Royce

Friday, June 26, 2020

I'm hosting, today, a promo on Viv Royce's latest release, A Royal Second Chance Summer (Little Shops on Heart Street #3), as a part of the ongoing VBT. Check it out!
A Royal Second Chance Summer 
Viv Royce
(Little Shops on Heart Street #3)
Published: June 22, 2020 by Entangled Bliss
Prince Nicolas is looking for a priceless royal heirloom. Trying to stay under the radar, he keeps that he’s a prince secret—especially from the cute antiques dealer he asks to help him. The longer it takes, the more time they get to spend together, though no matter how attracted he is to Lizzie, love is certainly not an option for the heir to the crown of Belfort.

Lizzie Cates fled her family’s new-found fame and fortune because life in the spotlight wasn’t for her. She loves her small town, where the most exciting thing on the schedule is the car parade for the Fourth of July. That’s just how she likes it, until Nicolas comes along. Lizzie finds herself falling for the caring man who craves the country and small-town life as much as she does.

Except Nicolas has a secret that will shatter both their dreams...

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Guest Post and Giveaway: Erotic or Erotica by Tina Donahue, Author of Hard Lust

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Today, I'm hosting a promo on Tina Donahue's latest release, Hard Lust, as a part of the ongoing VBT. Also accompanying this, there is a guest post penned by the author and an excerpt of the featured book. Hope you enjoy! Note that Hard Lust is free on kindle unlimited!!

Tina Donahue will be awarding a $10 Amazon Gift Card to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.
Erotic or Erotica – There is a Difference

Ever since I started writing sexy romances, I’ve heard readers confusing the types of stories I write. It’s okay. At first, I was confused too and used the terms erotic and erotica interchangeably. How wrong I was, which only led to further reader confusion.

Readers, I discovered, like to know exactly what they’re buying when it comes to a book. I can’t blame them. If I liked cowboy romances, but hated scifi and plunked down good money for what I thought was a cowboy romance but it took place on Saturn, I wouldn’t be happy. In this post, I’ll explain the differences between erotic and erotica.

Erotic romance is what I write. That means, it has a strong plot, well-developed characters, and an HEA (happy ever after) or HFN (happy for now). Even if there are two or three heroes to one heroine, everyone is committed to the relationship. There’s no screwing around with other characters just for the hell of it. An easy way to see the difference is to compare what I write to sweet romance (no sex). The basic storylines are the same except for one thing – mine has explicit sex whereas the other does not.

Erotica, on the other hand, isn’t about plot, HEA, or HFN, it’s about the sex. Think Story of O. There is no committed relationship in that story. It’s about the heroine’s sexual journey. We never learn about her past and what brought her to this point in life.

In erotic romance, the sex is the cherry on top of the sundae – it’s not the main part of the story. Character motivation, plot, and emotional build are what make it work. In erotica, it’s the thrill of the sex and all the myriad ways it can be accomplished.

Both are great, but definitely different.

Release Blitz and Giveaway: Fraud by Lily White

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

I'm hosting a promo, today, on Lily White's newest release, Fraud (Antihero Inferno #2), as a part of the ongoing release blitz tour. Come, check it out! The giveaway includes a $15 Amazon GC, don't forget to click the link below to enter through author's page! Also note that Fraud is free on kindle unlimited!!
Lily White
(Antihero Inferno #2)
Published: June 24, 2020
Eighth Circle.
Also known as Gabriel Dane.
He is a ray of sunshine that warms your heart with kind eyes and a dazzling smile.
Don’t let him fool you with that silver tongue or lure you in with a body that draws every woman’s eye. This man is fluent in deception and a devil who only offers pretty lies.
Gabriel is my old nemesis.
I'm the girl that always fought back.
He has every reason to hate me as much as I hate him.
Now that he found me, he’s determined to make me pay for our past.
Except, there are two small details Gabriel doesn’t know that will be his ultimate downfall:
There are no rules when it comes to our war.
And I've learned to lie just as good as him.
***Each novel in the series depicts a unique romance, but the plots through each book connect in one world. For the best experience, read the series in order.
Nine Standalone novels. Nine dangerous men. Nine unrepentant sinners you’ll hate to love.

Release Blitz and Giveaway: Letting Go by L.A. Fiore

Friday, June 19, 2020

I'm hosting a promo, today, on L.A. Fiore's latest release, Letting Go, as a part of the ongoing release blitz tour. Check it out. The giveaway includes a $50 Amazon GC, so don't forget to enter via rafflecopter below! Note that Letting Go can be purchased for 99c for a limited time only, also free on kindle unlimited!!
Letting Go
L.A. Fiore
Published: June 19, 2020
I met Brock Callahan at eleven, fell in love at fifteen and lost him at eighteen.

One moment, one single instance can change the course of your life, but I picked myself up, brushed myself off, and took that first step knowing it would be the hardest.

Years later, tired of existing but not living, I quit my job in Manhattan, sold my condo and moved to a log cabin in Wyoming. 

When I wake in the bed of Killian Reid, mistaken for a one-night stand, I never imagined I’d fall for the man.

But I did.
Not at first; a slow fall, so gradual I didn’t realize I was no longer falling. I’d been given a second chance at a happily ever after.

And then Brock Callahan walks back into my life.

Promo Spotlight and Giveaway: A Scot to Wed by Callie Hutton

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Today, I'm hosting a promo on Callie Hutton's latest release, A Scot to Wed (Scottish Hearts #2), as a part of the ongoing VBT. Also find an excerpt for your enjoyment. The giveaway includes a $25 Amazon GC, so don't forget to enter below!

A Scot to Wed
(Scottish Hearts #2)
Callie Hutton
Published: June 8, 2020 by Entangled Scandalous

Highlander Laird Evan MacNeil cannot believe Mistress Katie Sterling just shows up at the MacDuff castle with this faded piece of parchment laying claim to the lands he just legally inherited. Not that he really wants to be here in the lowlands, but he has responsibilities to his clan and the exasperating Katie has uprooted the remnants of her father’s clan and moved them across the country to live here. There’s no way he can leave to go back home now.

Katie has nowhere else to go and she refuses to bow down to the arrogant yet undeniably handsome Highlander. She’s had enough with men trying to control her and she is quite capable of handling herself.

Now that Evan must spar with a beautiful lass for the rights to the lands, he will fight to the end. This battle is nothing like the ones his ancestors fought with crossbows and boiling oil. They never wanted to bed the enemy.

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