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Release Blitz: Dare Me by K.L. Shandwick

Thursday, January 30, 2020

I'm hosting a promo, today, on K.L. Shandwick's latest release, Dare Me (Unchained Attraction #2), as a part of the ongoing release blitz tour. Also find an excerpt for your enjoyment. Note that Dare Me is free on kindle unlimited!!
Dare Me
K.L. Shandwick
(Unchained Attraction #2)
Published: January 30, 2020
When Sawyer Wild dared a stranger to ask him to kiss her, he had no idea that kiss would leave its mark. 

With her estranged husband looking on, a normally shy Billie Collier, the gorgeous older, soon-to-be divorcee, shocked herself and complied. 

Leaving the wine bar alone, Sawyer felt they had unfinished business when the memory of their all-to-brief, blistering chemistry had left him with an ache he'd been unable to shake. 

Ten months later, an second chance to know Billie unexpectedly fell into his hands and he grabbed it. 

Love, be it a slow burn or hard and fast, usually happens when it is least expected. Sawyer accepted love is love and was confident he could smooth most of the bumps on the road, after all the path to true love never runs smooth. However, in Billie's case accepting that she was enough took a little longer to achieve.
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Release Blitz: Raw Deal by Jackson Kane

Saturday, January 25, 2020

I'm hosting a promo, today, on Jackson Kane's latest MC romance release, Raw Deal (Steel Veins #3), as a part of the ongoing release blitz tour. Also find some teasers for your enjoyment.
Raw Deal
Jackson Kane
(Steel Veins #3)
Published: January 25, 2020
Her biggest mistake was arresting me.
My biggest mistake was falling for her.

She's going to ruin two long, hard years of work within my club, and it's going to get her killed. To protect her, I'll have to keep her dangerously close. Close enough to run my rough hands down her smooth curves.

She says she's all business, but I can see her fierce, brown eyes wandering over my body. The sexual tension between us is stronger than the handcuffs she has me in.

She'll never trust me. She shouldn't.

Because I'm not the criminal she thinks I am….

I'm so much worse

Raw Deal, a motorcycle romance set in the Steel Veins Motorcycle Club, is filled with heat, nail-biting violence, and heart-racing adventure. 
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Release Blitz: King of Kings by Betty Shreffler

Friday, January 24, 2020

Today, I'm hosting a promo on Betty Shreffler's latest release, King of Kings (Kings MC #3), as a part of the ongoing release blitz tour. Also find an excerpt and some teasers for your enjoyment. Note that King of Kings is free on kindle unlimited!!
King of Kings
Betty Shreffler
(Kings MC #3)
Published: January 24, 2020
I told myself I didn’t want her.
Didn’t need her.
But it was all lies.
I craved her touch.
Craved the way her sweet red lips took away the pain.
Yet I knew I couldn’t have her.
Not when my enemies are determined to put a bullet in my back.
They believe the way to get to me is through her.
Coming for her will be their downfall.
As the President of the Kings MC, there’s one thing I’m known for—doing whatever it takes to protect the ones I love.
I’ll fight until I have nothing left to give.
Until she and my family are safe.
I’m not preparing for battle.
I’m preparing to end the war.
My choices might be the death of me.
But if the scars on my body and heart have taught me anything, it’s that love is worth the sacrifice.

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Blurb Blitz and Giveaway: Defying the Relic Hunter by Gail Koger

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

I'm hosting a promo, today, on Gail Koger's latest release, Defying the Relic Hunter (Coletti Warlords #11), as a part of the ongoing blurb blitz tour. Also find an excerpt for your enjoyment.

Gail Koger will be awarding a $15 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.
Defying the Relic Hunter
Gail Koger
(Coletti Warlords #11)
Published: January 6, 2020
Kizzy sees dead people, but she’s a thief and talking to dead folks is about as useful as a three-legged horse. The Dragos clan booted her out when her year’s take was a lousy five hundred and sixty credits. The only way back in is to pull off a million-credit heist. Alone.

When Kizzy’s jobs as a roadkill collector and medical test subject goes south, she decides taking Montezuma’s gold away from an Indiana Jones wannabe is the ultimate heist.

The snag? The Indiana Jones wannabe is Ethan Jones, a dangerous Coletti Warlord. Now that she’s caught his attention, he’s determined to capture her as his prize.

Can the ghost whisperer defeat the big, bad Warlord? Defying the Relic Hunter!!
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Release Blitz and Giveaway: When Hope Ends by Freya Barker

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Today, I'm hosting a promo on Freya Barker's latest release, When Hope Ends; Life Begins, as a part of the ongoing release blitz tour. Also find some teasers for your enjoyment. The giveaway includes a signed paperback of the featured book (Open Internationally), so don't forget to enter via rafflecopter below!
When Hope Ends; Life Begins 
Freya Barker
Published: January 21, 2020 
It’s the best day of his life—the worst of hers.

She left her soul behind in the dead silence of a hospital room.

He is bright with hope after being so close to losing faith.

One moment in time leaves their paths unavoidably entwined.

An invisible connection held by one heart beating between them.

*Originally published in the Then There Was You box set.

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