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Week Blitz and Giveaway: Wilde Riders by Savannah Young

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Today, I'm featuring a promo on Savannah Young's Wilde Riders, a new adult contemporary romance and book 1 of the Old Town Country Romance series. In the following, find the book and the author info as well as an excerpt. There's a giveaway of a $25 Amazon GC, you can enter via rafflecopter below!

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Wilde Riders
Savannah Young
(Old Town Country Romance #1)


WILDE RIDERS is the first novel in a spicy new contemporary romance series about four sexy brothers, their small-town bar and their local country band. WILDE RIDERS can be read as a STAND ALONE NOVEL or as part of the SERIES.

Cooper Wilde spent his entire adolescence counting the days until he could escape rural northwest New Jersey. Now at 26, he can’t believe he’s coming back. But his late father’s bar, Haymakers, is in financial trouble and his older brother, Jake, has asked for Cooper’s help.

Riley Smith, 25, is fresh out of her Ivy League MBA program and wants to make an impression on her employer, H & C Bank. Her first solo assignment is a fraud investigation on a business loan they made to Haymakers.

Even though Old Town is less than 90 minutes from New York City, Riley feels like she’s stepped into another world in this remote, one-bar town. Riley can’t wait to do her business and get back to the city as quickly as her sports car will take her…until she meets Cooper Wilde. He’s not like the other guys in this rural town and Riley feels inexplicably attracted to him.
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Promo Spotlight and Giveaway: Heal My Heart by Elley Arden

Friday, March 28, 2014

Today, you'll find an excerpt of Elley Arden's Heal My Heart, book 3 of Kemmons Brothers Baseball and a contemporary romance published from Crimson Romance. Scroll down to find the book and the author info as usual. Remember, you must comment first to enter the giveaway of an autographed copy of Save My Soul, book 1 of the above series as well as a $10 Amazon GC (see rafflecopter below)!

Heal My Heart
Elley Arden
(Kemmons Brothers Baseball #3)

Female professional football quarterback MJ Rooney has her eye on the prize, a record-breaking, championship season. Sure, it would be nice to have family support, but she believes in herself, and she has her teammates. That’s all she needs to win … until a scuffle at a baseball game sends her over the railing and onto the field with a concussion that threatens her season.

Dr. Tag Howard isn’t a baseball player like his brothers, but that doesn’t mean he can’t contribute to the game. He’s poised to become Major League Baseball’s go-to sports medicine doctor if he can rehabilitate Gold Glove Centerfielder Grey Kemmons, who happens to be his estranged brother. It’s a lot to take … until an unorthodox angel crashes into his life with a concussion and a fresh perspective.

MJ doesn’t need a man. She needs a championship ring. Getting messed up with a sexy, doctor and his family baggage isn’t going to get her there. But the attraction is undeniable, and there’s surprising freedom from expectations in each other’s arms … until Tag’s brothers want a reunion that requires him to own up to his ugly past, and MJ’s season teeters amidst the distractions. Would life apart be easier?

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Once Upon a Wallflower by Wendy Lyn Watson

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Once Upon a Wallflower

Wendy Lyn Watson
Historical Romance/Mystery
Published in 2013

H/h - Nicholas Ellerby, Viscount Ashfield/Mirabelle 'Mira' Fitzhenry
Setting: England, 1809.

Read in March, 2014.
My rating:

                                             [spoiler alert]

Wendy Lyn Watson’s Once Upon A Wallflower was a pretty good read. Having never read anything by her prior to this book, I was drawn by the word ‘wallflower’. I love a good romance where the so-called wallflower heroines turn out to be a force to reckon with! In that regard, I wasn’t disappointed cause I could definitely see myself making friends with Mira.

At the beginning of the story, we find our h Mirabelle quite desolate over the engagement that’s currently looming over her. ‘Mira’, as she’s called by her family consisting of her rather timid uncle, one harridan of an aunt and their spoiled young daughter Mirabelle. Mira’s cousin is called ‘Bella’ by everyone else. Now the distinctions, which are made as to no one mixes Bella up with the ‘Other Miss Fitzhenry’ (as Mira is inevitably called), are based upon the facts:

Rough To Ride by Justine Elvira

Monday, March 24, 2014

Rough To Ride (novella)
A free installment

Justine Elvira
Contemporary Romance/Erotica
Published in 2014

H/h - Maverick/Trixie
Setting: Present time.

Read in March, 2014.
My rating:

                                                [might be spoiler-ish]

Haven’t read anything by Justine Elvira prior to reading Rough to Ride. I was looking for something hot and short, this fit the criteria just fine. Moreover, this was a freebie so I went ahead and downloaded it.

The story starts with a girl, who introduces herself as Trixie, waiting for someone to pick her up from a highway where her car apparently broke down. In comes Maverick, the hot biker who picks her up and gives her quite the ‘ride’, just the way she likes it. Ooh la-la! Now, the beginning made me a little confused, leading me to think Trixie was cheating on her longtime boyfriend........ until I got to the last part. I had a feeling about what they were doing and was really glad that I was correct. Cheating is a big no-no in my list.

Though I felt I would’ve loved to know more about ‘Trixie’ and ‘Maverick’, after reading the author note, I understand why the author doesn’t want to expand this to a longer story. 3.5 stars.

PS: I do agree that a girl sometimes just needs a quickie. Both literally and... er, as a quickie read. LOL

“Rough To Ride” can be downloaded from smashwords in various formats.

Driftwood Deeds by Laila Blake

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Driftwood Deeds (novella)
Breaking in Waves #1

Laila Blake
Contemporary Romance/Erotica (mild BDSM)
Published in 2013 [requested review]

H/h - Paul Archer/Iris Ellis
Setting: present time.

Read in Feb/March, 2014.
My rating:

                                               [spoiler alert]

I seem like the odd bird who didn’t like this story. Before going into Laila Blake’s Driftwood Deeds, I read some reviews that were very positive. This led me to hope for a rather intensely sexy read because I hadn’t read any book by this author before. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the story or the characters that much.

Let me start by saying that Laila’s writing is marvelous. She has a rather whimsical narrative style, her perspective making you notice and experience things in a different way. I liked this about her writing. Driftwood Deeds is a short story, yet it took me quite a while to finish it because since the moment the hero Paul is introduced, things kinda started going downhill for me.

Promo Blitz and Giveaway: Lakota Honor by Kat Flannery

Saturday, March 22, 2014

I'm featuring Kat Flannery's Lakota Honor, a paranormal historical western romance as a part of the week blitz. In the following, find the book and the author info, alongside an excerpt. Lakota Honor is on sale @ 99cents for the duration of this tour, till March 22, 2014. There's a giveaway of Kindle Fire HD or Kobo Arc (winner's choice), you can scroll down and enter via rafflecopter!
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Lakota Honor 
Kat Flannery

Fate has brought them together, but will a promise tear them apart?

In the small town of Willow Creek, Colorado, Nora Rushton spends most of her days locked up in her home with a father who resents her and fighting off unwanted marriage proposals from the wealthy Elwood Calhoun. Marked as a witch, Nora must hide her healing powers from those who wish to destroy all the witkowin—crazy women. What she doesn't know is that a bounty hunter is hot on her trail.Lakota native Otakatay has an obligation to fulfill. He has been hired to kill the witkowin. In a time when race and difference are a threat and innocence holds no ground, courage, love and honor will bring Nora and Otakatay together as they fight for their freedom. 

Will the desire to fulfill his promise drive Otakatay to kill Nora? Or will the kindness he sees in her blue eyes push him to be the man he once was?

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Super Book Blast and Giveaway: The Maid of Milan by Beverley Eikli

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Today, I'm featuring a promo on Beverley Eikli's historical romance, The Maid of Milan as a part of the super book blast. In the following post, you'll find the book and the author info as well as an excerpt. You must comment to be entered in the giveaway.

Beverley Eikli will award a $20 Amazon book voucher and a digital copy of The Reluctant Bride to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.
The Maid of Milan
Beverley Eikli
After three years of marriage, Adelaide has fallen in love with the handsome, honourable husband who nurtured her through her darkest hours.

Now Adelaide’s former lover, the passionate poet from whose arms she was torn by her family during their illicit liaison in Milan six years previously has returned, a celebrity due to the success of his book The Maid of Milan.

High society is as desperate to discover the identity of his ‘muse’ as Adelaide is to protect her newfound love and her husband’s political career.

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