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Lingus by Mariana Zapata

Tuesday, December 08, 2015


Mariana Zapata
Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy
Published in 2015 (Originally 2012)

H/h - Tristan King (Robbie Lingus)/Katherine Berger
Setting: Present time.

Read in August-December, 2015.
My rating:

                                                 [might be spoiler-ish] 

Beware!! This is a rant rather than a review. If you don't like it or agree with my POV, move on to the other, more positive reviews. Thank you.

2 stars but barely made it. 1 star for Tristan, another for changing the horrendous cover into something bearable.

This was going to be a light and funny, well-written story I was going to enjoy. Having read the author's 2 other books and totally loving them, I had no tension on that regard. The story wasn't badly written at all and I can see why all the 5 stars but I had a problem all throughout. Indeed I would've enjoyed Lingus too had it not been for the top-notch hypocritical heroine. Every time she opened her mouth, she'd say something completely demeaning about the female pornstars who made an appearance, especially after her meeting with the then pornstar hero in question.

Now I'm no feminist, and if my boyfriend was as hot as the hero, if not an ex-pornstar, I would've probably felt the same... who knows. But then again, I don't have a lifelong pornstar friend of MY OWN whom I actually helped achieve that goal (I'm not even going into the extent of the "hows" of it). To think that she'd be more understanding... pfft! So when Kat would call all the female pornstars who have either worked with Tristan (former Robbie Lingus) or she felt may have had a "history" with him, various names-- from whore to slut to etc. whatever-- and then go and call her OWN pornstar friend Zoey "the best person in the whole wide world", I wanted to SLAP THE SHIT OUTTA HER! Very conveniently, Zoey swings the other way, or else I would've loved to see Kat's face if she was one of them either worked with Tristan or made horny eyes at him often. Because, IMO all of Kat's friends were either sluts (hello Nicole!) or touched in the head (yup, Zoe, when she wasn't being a slut). Don't look at me, I'm just following Kat's directions. Really, what would happen if Nicole the maneater made horny eyes at Tristan too, had the author not, again, conveniently paired her with another pornstar at the beginning of the story? Mind boggles!

I was so thoroughly disgusted that it took me months to finish this book. Tristan was such a fun guy, absolutely adored him. He deserved better. I can't see how, with this mentality, Kat is going to be happy with him in the long run. It just doesn't add up, as much as Calum and Nicole's so-called HEA. Yah, right!

And thus, my very sexy "ewww-wtf-was-that" (goodreads) shelf was not dedicated to Tristan or to any other pornstars, but to Kat and her "bitches". Now deal with it!


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