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Taking What's Mine by Alexa Riley

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Taking What's Mine (novella)
Forced Submission #1

Alexa Riley
Published in 2015

H/h - Colton/Rose
Setting: Present time.

Read in June, 2015.
My rating:

                                                 [may contain spoiler]

Taking What’s Mine is a very, very short story by Alexa Riley so I won’t be telling you much about it. It has the same kinda obsessed male vibe that we’ve seen in her Taking the Fall series. I liked that series so obviously I was gonna check this one out.

The story is told alternatively from first person POVs. A cop named Colton who is planning to kidnap a girl named Rose. Rose is a school teacher and from Colton’s POV we learn that he’s been planning this very thoroughly for a long time. And when he puts his plans into motion, it seemed that Rose fell into his trap very easily. Too easily for my peace of mind.

After that, there’s a lot of WTF-ery that would question the point of this story. I mean, I read dark erotic stories before but this was just... Colton came off as a super creepy guy and I couldn’t see how Rose could react to his touch! :/ But... but, I decided to hold off my judgment, as the author puts it in the blurb, until the end. And then, BAM! The light bulb and ‘oook, now I get this sh!t’ went in my head.

So, wait until you read the last part of the story and then you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s not really a dark read. I’m still not sure if I should call it hot, since until I read the last part, I didn’t know if I should enjoy anything Colton was doing to Rose. But I’ll give it to the author because she surprised the hell outta me! LOL

3 stars, can only say read if you’re willing to give the story a chance.


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