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Promo Spotlight and Giveaway: Total Immersion by Alice Gaines

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Today, I'm featuring this promo spotlight on Alice Gaines' erotic contemporary romance novella, Total Immersion, book 2 in the Club Ecstasy series. Find an excerpt alongside this promo. The giveaway includes 3 ebooks of Total Immersion, don't forget to enter via rafflecopter below!

Total Immersion
Alice Gaines
(Club Ecstasy #2)
Published: September 16, 2014 by Avon Red Impulse

Welcome to Club Ecstasy: the luxurious, confidential destination for desire. Alice Gaines continues her new erotica series with book two: doubling the pleasure, doubling the fun!

Think three’s a crowd? Alice Gaines’ sexy new Club Ecstasy series proves that three only makes the fun hotter…

Susan McGraw knows she’s demanding. And after a rough breakup, she thinks she’s earned it. Luckily Club Ecstasy can satisfy her every desire. Only, tonight one man won’t be enough-she requires the devotion of two hot men. But when one of her lovers turns out to be the boyfriend she loved and lost, Susan realizes she might be in over her head…

When Adam, manager of Club Ecstasy and Susan’s former boyfriend, realizes he’s going to have to share her, he thinks he’ll lose his mind with jealousy. But instead of feeling envious, watching her with another man turns him on like mad. Together the three of them experience the ultimate sensual and sexual exercise-but after all is said and done, will a new trick heal old wounds?

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An Excerpt from Total Immersion:

Adam managed to drag himself away from the sight of Susan with a sated smile on her face and went to the lanai doors that led to the terrace. Still erect, still aching for her, he could almost blot out the reality that Jeff was lying beside her, looking just as happy as she did. Another man had given her the orgasms that had let her drift off into heaven.

No, not right. Yes, Jeff had made her come the first time, and Jeff had been inside her for the second climax, but Adam had directed their coitus. He’d instructed Jeff in the way she liked to have sex. He’d fingered her clitoris at the crucial moment. He was still in charge here. Manager and teacher. Lover. Jeff wouldn’t . . . couldn’t . . . take his place in her heart, if indeed Adam had any right to make that claim now given their six months of separation.

Damn, this was hard. Just seeing her again after missing her so much. All the days and nights as he lay in bed alone, blaming himself for hurting her. Searching his brain for something he should have done differently. He shouldn’t have become involved with her to begin with because a job like his didn’t mix with a traditional relationship. He should have done more to make her feel special so she wouldn’t feel threatened by his clients. He should have listened to her complaints and dealt with them rationally instead of yelling back and escalating the arguments.

On the other hand, maybe he couldn’t have done anything. Maybe their problems just sucked and nothing could have made them better. And maybe allowing himself to hope for a better ending would only hurt him more in the end. Still, he’d be a fool not to take this chance. If, indeed, it was a chance and not just an illusion created out of blind hope.

He stared outside, hardly noticing the hot tub and the city beyond. Late afternoon. The sun would be going down soon, and the city would switch over to night shift. How many nights had he stood in exactly this place, with another woman in the bed resting after sex with him and anticipating more? And how many of those times had Susan been in bed at their apartment, waiting for him to come home?

He’d make it up to her tonight. He could accomplish that, at least. He could give her his best work, better than anything he’d done for even his best clients. To do that, he’d have to share her with Jeff. She’d asked for two men, and he’d make sure she had every sexual experience she could dream up. There was no room for jealousy in this exercise. He needed to treat it as professionally as he had all his other encounters at the club. Complete detachment when she wanted Jeff and complete devotion when she wanted him.

He’d do everything in his power to make the joining so perfect she’d never get it out of her memory. In fact, he had a plan on how to accomplish that exact goal. Something he’d worked on for the last several weeks with Jeff’s help. This suite was outfitted with all the sound equipment he’d need. He had a few extra things to order, but the kitchen and the spa could provide those within a few minutes.

He hadn’t planned on using the technique himself but to teach it to the other men. Still, he and Jeff might as well try it out now, with Susan as the recipient. He could make her happy, no doubt about that. And he could bask in her smiles and share her orgasms, and that would make him pretty damned happy, too.

After that, who knew what would happen? He ran his fingers through his hair and blew out a frustrated breath. How would she feel when she came down from the drug? She might be embarrassed. She might regret coming here. Dear God, not that. The mere idea that she could wish she hadn’t given herself to him tore at his gut. He’d have to make this the best experience for her. And he’d have to do it soon because the postorgasm glow would wear off in another minute or two, and then the real work would begin.

About the Author:

Alice Gaines likes her fiction hot, hot, hot.

Alice has a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley. She shares a house in Oakland California with her pet corn snake and a stray cat that lives in her yard.

When Alice isn’t making up stories in her head, she spends her time cooking, gardening, and listening to her favorite band, Tower of Power.

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