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The Seduction by Roxy Sloane

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Seduction (novella)
The Seduction #1

Roxy Sloane
Contemporary/Erotica (light BDSM)
Published in 2014

H/h - Vaughn/Keely Fawes
Setting: Present time.

Read in June, 2014
My rating:

                                                 [spoiler alert]

Ya know, sometimes I just love these 99cent deals! The Seduction is by debut author Roxy Sloane. Why I wanted to read this... um, kinda obvious from the blurb. So I went ahead and read it... and et voila, now I’m hooked into a new novella-length Erotic series!

The H of the story is a... gigolo? I had a hard time putting him in a specific category, apart from the fact that he’s a womanizer. He’s not a pornstar (claims that that is cheap, doesn’t come close to what he does for a living). He’s not really an out and out gigolo either. But he f*cks women, for a price. An exorbitant price to be precise. These women are his ‘cases’. He seduces them on behalf of his clients. The reasons behind each case vary but the result is the same. He must f*ck them and get the proof, namely pictures etc. to prove to his client that he has done his job. He has a super dirty mouth, sex oozes from his every pore... and he is also... you got it, super hung! Let’s just say he has no problems about getting those panties flying.

He calls himself ‘The Seducer’.

Hey everyone, meet Vaughn; tall, well-muscled, dark blond and blue-eyed, he’s thinks he’s the love machine every women dreams about.

I think I agree but must say, I had a lot of doubts about him too. For one, his job. Me no likey that much. He didn’t seem like a nice guy either, way too cocky and self-absorbed cause he’s that confident about his ‘abilities’ about getting his job done. After all, he has never lost a case so far.

But things change when he meets his new mysterious case, a paralegal, Keely Fawes; just another girl-next-door-type who hasn’t had that much of an adventure in her life. Orphaned a while ago, Keely doesn’t have a lot to get by. She doesn’t even have the money to pay for the Law School. Working in this law farm under a d!ck of a boss is no fun. But Keely needs the money, so she hangs on.

Vaughn comes into her life so suddenly, even before Keely having any idea of what had struck her! And he has this oh-so-dirty mouth that seems to know her deepest, darkest kinky desires. Needless to say, he has no qualms about letting her know what he’s ‘thinking’. She tries her best to keep him at bay but when Vaughn zooms onto one of his ‘preys’ they have no hope to escaping. Keely doesn’t either.

Only that her refusals get Vaughn even more into her. After all, he can’t ruin his perfect score! But is Keely just another in his long list of conquests? He must have her to know the extent of his obsession.

But things don’t really go that smooth for either Keely or Vaughn. Even though, at one point, they hook up (with a super hot prelude to, what I imagined would be, a mind-blowing f*cking), Keely hears something Vaughn was saying over phone... something not so complimentary about herself and... darn, she runs out. *sigh*

At home, Keely gets the shock of her life when she hears that she inherited a huge amount of money from an older client who recently passed away, and that she should be careful. At the same time, Vaughn doesn’t know who wants to harm her, as the person who ordered her downfall remains in the shadows. But he’s determined to find out.

So there’s a cliffhanger with a ‘to be continued’, wish I knew before getting into it. The next installment comes out next week (I think). Now I just have to sit here and bite my nails until it does to see where things go next.

The Seduction was quite a thrilling, suspenseful erotic read (minus the cliffhanger, damn I hate those!). 4 stars.


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