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The Master's Lessons by Isadora Rose

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Master's Lessons (novella)

Isadora Rose
Historical Romance/Erotica (mild BDSM)
Published in 2013

H/h - James Cooper/Amelia Montague
Setting: England, 1899.

Read in May, 2014.
My rating:

                                            [might be spoiler-ish]

This short story, The Master's Lessons by Isadora Rose, was much more up my alley. I liked it a lot more than Prisoner of Desire. The writing was, as usual, pretty good and sex scenes were HOT.

Amelia, a young French schoolmistress, becomes apprehensive when the headmaster calls her into his office, which is situated quite far away from the school building. She goes there thinking he has discovered her secret affair with a wealthy man’s heir. She was pretty sure she’s going to lose her job when Mr. Cooper, a Scottish man in his late 30s, demands that she stop seeing the guy… and that she begins seeing him instead.

Amelia is shocked yet utterly delighted to find that Mr. Cooper, or James as he insists she start calling him, is attracted to her, just as she has been since day one. But she never thought him to be the passionate kind, as cold and aloof he always seemed, let alone even interested in her. Well, James proves Amelia wrong over and over again in the story by showing her just how crazy and obsessed he is about her.

The Master's Lessons had the older man-younger woman theme; I’m not averse to it unless the girl in question is too young. Amelia was 18 I think, and taking in the time-frame, I wasn’t disturbed by it. Then, there was that one scene pretty close to a favorite fantasy of mine.......... :p

There are elements of BDSM in this book with spanking and somewhat rough sex but nothing abusive like the other book I mentioned in the beginning. Manipulative male protagonists seem to be an underlying theme in this author’s stories but this time, I liked it. James was just enough creepy and manipulative to get me wet, and not run away screaming or wanting to cut off his balls (as I wanted to in that other story). LOL It worked also because Amelia was just as much into everything he was doing to her.

But the best thing, IMO, was the fact that I believed in James’s secret love and adoration for Amelia and his unconventional ways of showing her just how much. 4 stars. I’m glad that I went ahead and read it anyway after my less-than-great introduction of Isadora Rose’s work.


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