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Rapunzel by Lisa Valdez

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rapunzel (novella)
Erotic Bedtime Stories #1

Lisa Valdez
Fairy Tale/Fantasy/Erotica
Published in 2013

H/h - Prince Rodrigo/Rapunzel
Setting: same setting as the Fairy Tale "Rapunzel".

Read in 2013.
My rating:

                                                  [spoiler alert]

After years of waiting, I finally finished another Lisa Valdez book. Even though it was not Primrose, much to my utter disappointment, but at least I got to read something from her! Rapunzel was... yah, you got it right, an erotic re-telling of the fairytale of the same title.

Rapunzel lives in a tower, where she is locked away by an evil witch, whom she thinks is her mother. She lives all alone. The tower has no door or steps, and the only way the witch can bring Rapunzel the provisions is to climb the long braid of her shiny golden hair. Rapunzel has been misled by the witch about her captivity. She thinks this is how she’s supposed to live. The witch has let no other living being to come close to her. Rapunzel has been warned too; if she tries to escape, she’ll burn to death as soon as her feet touch the ground.

Rapunzel thought she was happy to live this way until one day, when Prince Rodrigo finds her, showing her that there is a life outside of this solitary tower. That good and evil reside side by side, that wars and diseases are not the only things the world ever gets to experience. And that she can’t judge the black from white because they live intertwined. But Rodrigo also understood that it was not Rapunzel’s fault but whatever the witch had fed her mind.

Rodrigo had been in search of a Golden Chalice for some years now, which is said to have such power to bring all the 9 countries, which are constantly at war, together. Rodrigo wants peace and the chalice’s power is necessary for the process.

Rodrigo is cursed from his birth by a witch. He’d never sire an heir and unfortunately, he’s the only heir to his father’s throne. For that alone, Rodrigo is more than determined to do whatever necessary to bring peace and unite the warring countries. His tracking instincts have led Rodrigo to this tower. He thought he felt presence of the chalice within it! For weeks, he has observed the ugly witch and how she climbs into the tower by a braid of golden hair.

When he climbs inside, instead, Rodrigo finds a beautiful woman... Rapunzel.

Well, don’t think I have to elaborate that they do spend the next few days by doing a lot of ‘pleasurable activities’. Rodrigo and Rapunzel also talk about themselves, learning each-other more than on a physical level. They fall in love too. As he’s forced to leave before the witch’s return, Rodrigo promises Rapunzel that he’ll come for her as soon as he’s able, to take her with him and marry her.

But when the witch visits Rapunzel, she smells the difference in the air, knowing something is not right here...

TBH, I haven’t read the fairytale "Rapunzel" since I was a child. But I’ve re-read it while reading this book. I’m not going to discuss a compare and contrast of the two stories but I enjoyed this Rapunzel a lot. Mainly because I LOVE LV’s writing, and her hot love scenes. I only wished there were MORE of that.

4.5 stars. Now I’m back to counting my days for Primrose and the second installment of this series. *sigh* 


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