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Dark by Teageen Syree

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dark (novella)

Teageen Syree
Contemporary Romance/Erotica (BDSM)
Published in 2011 [Requested review]

H/h - Rylan/Audree
Setting: Present time.

Read in Dec, 2012.
My rating:

                                                    [spoiler alert]

Dark by Teageen Syree is a very short, erotic novella. It was kinda hot and I liked it to a certain point. My review is in the following...

The story is about two students, Audree and Rylan, who are taking courses together. Audree is a highly sexed girl who loves femdom among other kinky things and Rylan has been in her radar for many years. He’s a sex God in her estimation. She’s been fantasizing about him (and having wet dreams) all these times. Audree needs to have him ASAP and needs to make a plan. But Audree isn’t sure how to approach. One day Rylan just starts conversing with her, about studying together. But of course, he had other things in mind... His imagination took flight when Audree dropped her bag at their first ‘study day’ and a butt plug just went flying out of her bag! Ahemm!! (lemme finish giggling)... After this incident, Rylan is sure Audree is ‘a girl after his own heart’ since umm, because, let’s just say, he enjoys his sex kinky too. This only makes him determined to take things to the next step.

So, I was kinda enjoying this, their conversations and all that. Things kinda start rushing and boom, they’re together. It was just too rushed. Then we learn that Audree is also a stripper at a local strip club. Erm, sorry but that wasn’t an interesting bit of information for me. I didn’t like the whole strip club show where Rylan goes with a few of his friends and Audree gives them ‘the show’. And, then..... Then, we were getting to the good part when suddenly the book ends! Just.like.that with a ‘to be continued...’. Well, that wasn’t done well because I wasn’t prepared for this abrupt ending. I didn’t read the excerpt because I don’t like to hang in the middle of a story.

I would recommend Dark to people who aren’t squeamish about kinky stuff. Alongside the touch of femdom, there are plenty of a$$play, so if you’re not into it, you might wanna skip it. Otherwise, go for it. I quite enjoyed TS’s writing, until the abrupt ending. 3 stars.

This review copy of Dark was provided to me by Lightning Book Promotions in exchange of an honest review. This review is also a part of Dark Blog Tour.


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