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The Knife’s Edge by Stephanie Draven

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Knifes Edge (novella)
Historical Erotic Fantasy Romance - A free installment

Stephanie Draven
Historical Romance/Fantasy/Erotica
Published in 2009

H/h - Sir Dardanus/Queen Nestra
Setting: In some fantasy land.

Read in June, 2012.
My rating:

                                                        [spoiler alert]

The Knife's Edge is a very short, free novella by Stephanie Draven. She was a new-to-me author before I chose to give this a try. The good thing about it was, I liked the idea of the novella, along with the author’s writing. The not-so-good part was I was fooled in thinking this novella was longer than it actually is, the rest of the pages were full of except from another book by her. This kind of, , made me unhappy. I wanted the story to continue for a while more. Also, I didn’t really think it was erotic in that sense, despite the fact that it’s called ‘Historical Erotic Fantasy Romance’.

Anyway, the story starts in a fantasy world, where Queen Nestra rules. You are thrown right into a whirlwind of political situation, which is pretty precarious. Some there don’t want Nestra to rule and so, they want to eliminate her. Dardanus, a bastard of some nobleman (?), holds the best position to do it because he’s the Queen’s adviser. Being a bastard, Dardanus has always lived under a stigma as expected but he actually never tried to straighten anyone out. He lived as a man of sin, full of hatred and doing the worst as others accuse him of; as the author’s note says, sort of an anti-hero. But this part was hazy because we only get them from his musings. It’s left relatively unexplored. He wants to eliminate Nestra, yet he is very attracted to her. There is also a magical medallion which prevents him from doing so. But in this act of betrayal and seduction, things pretty much turn around for Dardanus...

The story is told from Dardanus’s POV, so we don’t get much of Nestra’s POV, which I would’ve liked much. Also, as I said, there should’ve been more. The ending was unsatisfactory. It felt like I’m reading a novella in the middle of a series. But I’m not entirely unhappy so 3 stars.

“The Knife’s Edge” can be downloaded from smashwords.


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