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Sweetest Mistress by Skye Warren

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Sweetest Mistess (novella)

Skye Warren
Contemporary Romance/Erotica (light BDSM)
Published in 2011

H/h - Wyle/Melissa
Setting: Present time.

Read in Apr, 2012.
My rating:

                                                       [might be spoilerish]

I’ve been meaning to read Sweetest Mistress for sometimes now, finally I did it today. It’s a novella, pretty short, of about 6/7 small chapters. Narrated from first person POV, this novella was kinda hard for me to rate. Mostly because, even though I liked the sex and the storytelling, overall it was just odd. I’m no expert in BDSM lifestyle but I do read erotica based on BDSM. This book talks about femdom and a man’s wish to submit to a special woman.

Middle-aged Wyle is a divorced man and disillusioned about life, sex and other deeper feelings. He thinks he’s not that good looking and women don’t find him hot or sexy. After his divorce, the dates he had were pretty uninspiring. Today, he’s on a blind date set up by one of his close acquaintances. The woman in question, Melissa shows up and Wyle is immediately in lust with her. But Wyle’s thinking he has no chance with such a sexy, attractive woman. But Melissa totally surprises him. As Wyle was dropping her off, she invites him in for coffee *cough* and Wyle’s *coughcough* perks up in anticipation. And in bedroom, Melissa keeps surprising him in every turn. At first, she came off as one of those boring woman (to Wyle) who likes vanilla sex but soon after, when she asks him about what he wants, Wyle confesses about his thang for submission.

Hot sex follows with Melissa in total control. I’m not really sure if her dom side was instinctual or she did it in the past but she drives Wyle crazy. After a few encounters, Wyle gets confused about what is happening. Although he likes to be dominated, as far as I got it, he has never had anything like this with any other woman in the past (which obviously includes his ex-wife). He’s disillusioned and yet, he feels something for Melissa, who’s quite younger than him. When Wyle talks to the woman who set the blind date, some information about Melissa doesn’t add up and Wyle is suddenly suspicious. Is she one of those money grabbing b*tches that plagued him more often than not? What’s really happening here? Wyle decides that Melissa must be one of them and plans to take revenge... to know how, you have to read it.

Then, when I thought this might end like this, there is this unexpected but sweet turn in the end of the story that so had me there, which explains a lot about Melissa. Anyway, it’s a hot story and if you’re into BDSM stories, you’ll definitely like it. I’ve come to admire SW’s stories, no matter what she writes. 3.5 stars.

Oh BTW: Sex here is definitely NOT vanilla! Just sayin’. haha.

I downloaded Sweetest Mistress for free from smashwords early this year. Sadly, it’s not listed in smashwords anymore, neither in allromanceebooks. But, you can get it from Amazon. Just check out Ms. Warren’s website for more information.

Warning: If you do not like BDSM in any form, this novella might not be for you!


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