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Blackberry Pie by Bonnie Dee

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blackberry Pie (novella)

Bonnie Dee
Historical Romance/Erotica
Published in 2007

H/h - Reverend Nathan Andrews/Grace Perkins
Setting: Appalachian Mountains, date unsure.

Read in Feb, 2012.
My rating:

                                                            [might be spoilerish] 

Blackberry Pie (in case you already didn’t know )
I’ve never had a blackberry pie but ummm, YUM... that picture! I’m positively drooling over here.........

While you drool yourself, have to tell you I don’t have much to talk about this novella by Bonnie Dee. Although the starting was a bit weird IMO but I was so totally getting into the story by chapter 6 and it ended there. IT FREAKIN’ ENDED THERE... Grr!

The blurb will tell you most of it, the 1st line of which says-

A young minister’s celibacy is challenged by an earthy, Appalachian woman.

Reverend Nathan is new in his post. He’s young and very interested to keep his position. He was going up the mountain in his new workplace where among the blackberry briars, he meets this young girl, who obviously is a backwood member and doesn’t really have much contact with the community living below. Her skimpy dress up and earthiness was just too much for the young (and virgin... yum, me likey ;p) reverend who gives into the passion after knowing her for about, I don’t know what, an hour or so? And I was like, WTF are they doing? :/

Then came the later part of the story, when Nathan kept thinking what’s to be done about this situation. They definitely shared a bond here (I believed in it though, BD has her own unique style of convincing me and I’m a huge fan of hers) but Nathan couldn’t think of how can Grace be made a ‘proper wife’ for him? She is simply not any type of woman he’d ever known and he can’t imagine her in a ‘proper’ society. But, those questions weren’t answered, really. I wanted those answers; I wanted to know if/how far they made it. The ending (which I didn’t see coming) was abrupt and I was like, WTF????, again. The other pages were full of ads on various books along with excerpts. So, I was NOT happy. But I have to give it that that last chapter was beautiful and I thought this is going to be some read. Crap!

3.5 stars.

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