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Passion by Lisa Valdez

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Passion Quartet #1

Lisa Valdez
Historical Romance/Erotica
Published in 2005

H/h - Mark Hawkmore, The Earl of Lagley/Passion Dare
Setting: London, 1851.

Read in Nov, 2009.
My Rating:

I didn't used to read erotica when I first read Passion but man, this was some great introductory book for me! When I came across this one on a very ordinary day almost 2 yrs ago, I knew nothing about it; about all the debates of 'to read or not to read' or 'wow or eww'. I read no reviews, just picked it up because I was curious about the title ... So, when Mark saved Passion from that accident in the very beginning of the book, I thought, "oh well, I think he's going to find her out later and pursue her (as usual). I hope he's an obsessive hero". Well, what a hero he turned out to be! And I guessed right. Well, sort of! I remember that the beginning was every bit magnetic as Mark and Passion's affair. I also remember daydreaming about the love scenes while doing my MA classes. I'm glad I didn't start teaching back then, lmao. Just think how I would've looked daydreaming about Mark while attending my students, ahemm! Moving on...

Although Mark and Passion's affair started off very physical, even in the first love scene I felt the bond was there. I won't go into details since people tend to interpret all these in various ways and there are more than one elaborate review can be found in GR. I was in doubt myself for quite a while but there were a few scenes in this book made me cry or wistful. One was the scene where Mark cries while Passion holds him close (read and find out, it was heart wrenching, his need and love for Passion was so great.)

I read a review of this book in a blog just after I finished it. It was so wickedly funny, had me in stitches! The reviewer liked it and so did I. I've read the book many times over afterwards (don't ask which parts I've read the most, I think it's kinda obvious *blushes*) and continued to be absolutely fascinated every time I did ... Hope this makes sense. Suffice to say, I've learned a lot from Passion! ;)

PS: I didn't have to wait for Patience too long I guess. Matthew sounded so very intriguing, I would've died if I ... never mind! lolz

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