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Don't Tempt Me by Loretta Chase

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Don't Tempt Me
Fallen Women #2

Loretta Chase
Historical Romance
Published in 2009

H/h - Lucien de Grey, the Duke of Marchmont/Zoe Lexham
Setting: London, 1818.

Read in Nov, 2010.
My rating:

Well, the plot is unusual, another LC 'odd' plots. Zoe is beautiful and spent 12 yrs or so in a harem after she ran away from home and was abducted. She knows all things pleasing a man but still a virgin! Ahem, yah, believe it! So, although I'm having difficulty believing some of the harem things, have to admit I like Zoe; I like her spirit, even if she's sometimes impulsive and naive (not TSTL). Nevertheless, she has managed to get my attentions. Lucien was her childhood friend and when Zoe returns home, he's there to see her. But, he's a lovesick puppy if I ever read one, no matter how he acts and I love it when rakes act as morons while they are lovesick but likes to deny that. Ah! Well, I'm having fun for sure, there are funny banters between them, not upto the mark with Rupert-Daphne or Vere-Lydia but lovable no doubt. About halfway through and waiting to see what happens next ... ;)


It's not going the way I thought it should, or hoped it to go and I'm almost done ... Well, some thoughts:

1. Annoying - Zoe's four sisters, thx lord I don't have any such!

2. Annoying - This is what was like in Yusri Pasha's Palace in almost everything Zoe says :/

3. Annoying - the plot, not as exciting as I thought it would be! :s

4. Annoying - many things I don't wanna discuss anymore ... lolz

Lucien is ok but I liked the way he expressed his feelings for Zoe at the end and was annoyed by Zoe's behavior when he explained why she has to be at home, really when you're in danger of being murdered what should you do? It's crazy, I tell you! 

PS: I loved the wedding night scene and the way they were calling each other "Duke" and "Duchess" lolz It was sweet. There were things that made me like this book, only those aren't as constant as I would've liked. 3.5 stars. :)


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